Chapter 32


A sickening emotion encompassed me, one that bordered on painful even though I had no physical injury. It left me feeling vulnerable and exposed, two things I swore I’d never feel again. Like a wounded beast, I lashed out.

“That’s cute. You think someone like him could be friends with someone like you?” I said coldly.

There was a faint rush of satisfaction as her glare wavered, but Violet was also skilled at hiding her emotions, because all too easily her expression shifted into one of disinterest.

“I didn’t know you were capable of thinking something was cute.” She drawled, padding around in the lake like I hadn’t ordered her out of it. “Doesn’t that require…oh, I don’t know, a soul?”

I cracked my neck, hissing out the strongest pieces of my anger through clenched teeth before responding. Never have I been this out of control.

“So help me—”

“So help you what, Hael?” She interrupted, shouting from across the lake, her tone taunting. “You’ll kill me and chop me up into little piec
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Melody Cawthra
I’m very curious about their past. Interesting that she scarred him, so thinking he scarred her too.

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