Chapter 33


I blinked and the garage was back, the girl in front of me no longer a child but a woman. Her hair longer, lips fuller, and eyes just as round.

There was a rapid thudding sensation beneath my fingers, like the ticking of a clock whose timer needed calibrating.


She whispered my name and the thudding beneath my fingers skipped a beat.

The world settled back into focus, the spots leaving my eyes until I could see clearly the situation I’d put us in.

She was pushed against the side of the Ferrari, her throat nestled within the confines of my hand, her body pressed against mine so tightly that I could feel the impression of her nipples against my sternum. Her eyes were burning—burning with both hatred and fear.

This was the second time I found myself with my hand around her throat, only this time around I wasn’t squeezing, wasn’t attempting to drain her of the very life I coveted. No, I was only holding her in place, pinning her against the car as I clenched my eyes shut and t
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Louise Arnott
when will there be new updates
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Probably not. She is trying to finish her other projects, but recently came down with covid
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This is currently a side project that is updated when she has time. She is currently trying to finish her other stories, but she recently got covid so it may be a bit.

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