Chapter 3: "Hi, I'm Lucas"

When Selena and Maddie arrived at the Treehouse Bar, it was not hard to find where the group was. It was a very nice and casual bar that was attended by college students at the city. It was in the open-air and most of the people stood on their feet, drinking and chatting.

Selena started to feel very nervous. She didn't know anyone that were with Robbie. While they were walking towards the group, William saw them and waved.

Robbie had his back to Selena and Maddie, but when he saw William waving at them, he turned.

"Hey, you came!" he said, approaching the two girls.

"I told you we would come." Selena replied with a soft smile.

"Come, I'll introduce you both to everyone." Robbie passed his arms through Selena's and Maddie's shoulders.

William gave Maddie a kiss on her cheek, leaving the girl completely blushed, but she was very good at pretending she wasn't shy.

Robbie introduced everyone, but when he was about to introduce the last guy, Selena was already looking at him.

At first, she was intrigued because she could sense his smell and could tell that he was different from the others.

Just like her, he was also a werewolf.

Did his friends know? Would he tell them about her too?

But what intrigued her the most was not even that, but the fact that she couldn't take her eyes off of him. He exuded such a strong energy towards her that she felt there was some kind of magnet pulling her in his direction.

Was that what humans called attraction?

He was incredibly handsome and had that bad boy vibe that got Selena very curious and interested. At the same time, he seemed to be very polite with everyone around.

She was fascinated by him.

His eyes had an amazing tone of dark blue, and he had brown hair, that was also a bit messy, like he didn't care much about it.

"Hi, I'm Lucas." he looked at Maddie and Selena when Robbie was about to introduce him. "Nice to meet you!" he stretched his hands to Maddie and then to Selena.

When their eyes met and Selena touched his fingers, she felt a magnetic strain through her arms, but also an animalistic feeling on her stomach.

What the hell was happening? She had never felt anything like that before.

"Selena." she shook his hand and let it loose quickly, afraid of that magnetism between them.

Lucas had a little smirk on his face, like he knew what she was feeling.

Was that even possible? Did he feel it too?

He didn't seem to be disturbed with her presence like she was with his.

"Do you want a beer?" Robbie offered.

"Yes, sure!" she said with a smile.

She thanked him and took the glass from his hands, taking a huge sip after that. She was feeling her throat very dry and couldn't think clearly with that guy Lucas so close to her.

She searched for Maddie's eyes, trying to have some sort of visual communication, to warn her that she wanted to say something privately, although she didn't know exactly what to say.

What would she say? That she was feeling a weird attraction to Robbie's friend? That she couldn't stop looking at him?

But when she looked at Maddie, she found her friend already engaging in a very intimate conversation with William.

Selena huffed. So she would have to go through that night by herself.

Thank you very much, Maddie!

"Do you mind if I go to the bathroom real quick?" Robbie asked her. "I already drank like five beers or something!"

"No, of course not. Don't worry about me." she answered, kind of relieved. She wasn't able to give him much attention anyway.

She looked at Lucas again. He was talking to some other guys from the group, and was very friendly and funny. Everyone seemed to like him.

But at that moment, he also looked at her.

His glaze was so strong that she could almost sense his eyes inspecting her like an x-ray machine.

That made her whole body heat in an unknown way.

For a split second, Selena had the feeling that, since he was a werewolf and she was feeling those things about him, maybe he could be her mate.

But what happened after that, made her pretty sure that she was just delusional.

He stopped in front of her, and she hadn't even noticed him coming.

"Did I do anything to you?" he asked, and only then Selena was able to hear his voice properly.

He had the most soothing, but also sexy, voice.

Selena started to feel the heat spreading all over her body and she was sensing a mix of scents: the most delicious human perfume and a natural aroma that reminded her of the smell of early mornings.

"You don't need to be so distant from me. I don't bite." he continued.

Selena looked at him, annoyed. What did he mean? Was that some horrible werewolf joke? And how did he notice that she was trying to stay away from him? She was trying her best to pretend his presence wasn't bothering her.

Lucas was smiling at her, with that perfect smile and those mesmerizing eyes. Why did he have to be such a jerk?

"Do you think that's funny?" Selena replied rudely. He was getting on her nerves with that little smirk.

"Come on! I'm just trying to make a conversation. You seem a little dislocated, I'm just trying to help you fit in."

"Thank you for your concern, but I'm actually fine." Selena stated angrily.

"You don't look fine. Actually you seem a little uneasy about me being here."

"Maybe you just had the wrong impression. I don't have any reason to be uneasy about you. I don't even know you." Selena said.

But when she finished the sentence, he was already closer than before. He lowered his head and whispered on her ear, making her whole body shudder.

"Or maybe you do have a reason but don't want to admit it."

He looked at her and winked. That made her heart miss a beat. He was teasing her. He saw right through her, and that infuriated Selena. How could he have so much power over her?

In a fit of rage, Selena shoved him. He looked at her confused, but the smirk continued there on his handsome face.

"Don't flatter yourself." she snapped back. "You're not my type!"

If she wasn't so angry, she would've laughed of that.

How could he not be her type?

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