Chapter 6: Discovering Powers

"How many are we talking about?" Selena asked, running after Darius and the twins.

"I'm not quite sure. I believe there are five of ours there, but I don't know how many of them."

"Got it!"

They ran for a few minutes inside the forest until they were able to see the packs battling.

Selena could instantly recognize the five wolves from her pack, but they were outnumbered. For what she could count from that distance, there were at least eight wolves from the rival pack.

She looked at Darius, but he was already on the way to the fight, already turned into his wolf shape. The twins did the same, and Selena followed them, suddenly feeling more powerful. She always felt great as a wolf.

Her fur was dark black like her hair and her eyes yellow like the sun. She felt her senses getting more sharp. She could sense the scent of each wolf distinctly and see even better.

She gained speed and went in the direction of two enemy wolves that were unjustly beating one of hers. She grabbed one of them through his neck with her teeth and tossed him away. One of the twins came beside her and fought the other, engaging themselves in some angry battle.

Selena turned to see what was happening with the others.

The enemy pack didn't seem to be very organized, if she could put it like that. They seemed to be a band of rogue wolves, that always appeared to cause trouble and mess up with others. Selena had never seen them around though.

She got a little deeper into the woods, planning her next move. She had a glimpse of Darius and the other twin fighting three of the rogue wolves, but they didn't seem to be needing her help.

That's when she saw one wolf from her pack basically dead, and the enemy wolf didn't seem to care about that. He continued to beat and bite her pack member, even though he was not responding anymore.

Selena's blood boiled in anger and she roared so loud, that the brownish wolf stopped his endless beating and looked at her.

She was trembling with fury and was starting to feel some strange force inside her, something very unfamiliar.

It was like she was getting an electric shock and a warm feeling on her stomach, all at the same time. The longer she stared at the enemy wolf, the bigger and stronger that feeling became.

The wolf started to walk towards her, and Selena roared again, taking an impulse on the ground and jumping on him. She grabbed him, and they rolled together for a few seconds, until they knocked on a tree and got separated from each other.

At that time, her whole body was shivering and it was starting to get hard for her to stand firmly. She shook her head a few times, trying to stay concentrated and gather strength to attack again.

The wolf looked at her, confused as why she stopped making a move against him. Selena took a few steps in his direction, trying to get closer to him.

She felt like she could take down more than one wolf at once, if she was able to get hold of herself. She had never felt so mighty in her life.

But at the same time, she couldn't understand how to control that feeling, how to use that power properly. Specially with an enemy looking at her so close, able to kill her at any moment.

What would she do now? She couldn't stand still, her head was dizzy and she didn't know how to approach the enemy without falling with her face on the ground.

He would kill her for sure. It didn't seem to have anyone around to help her either. She could hear some growls and knocks far from where they were, but she couldn't even ask for help. She was numb.

The brownish wolf made a sound, that looked like a mock to Selena, and she wanted to kill him. She was frustrated because she didn't know what to do, and she hated to lose control. Specially in a fight.

The wolf took advantage of her confusion and made a move, jumping on her and tossing her a few feet away. She fell on the soil with a loud boom. She cringed in pain, praying that she could regain control of her senses and her body soon.

Selena got on her four paws again, just in time to dodge the wolf's blow. The wolf, surprised by her sudden response, got a bit distracted. Selena gathered some strength and hit him on his back, throwing him miles away.

She couldn't believe how far he went. She didn't expect that her move would make him go so far. Her strike was much more strong than usual. She was never able to fight like that.

But at that same moment, she started to feel dizzy and out of control again.

The wolf, she didn't know how, was able to recover from the strike and came back running towards her. With her mind out of the scene, he continued to run, faster and faster, and threw her against the tree trunk behind her.

Selena's back bumped into the tree and she felt a very sharping pain on the back of her head.

She could sense the wolf getting closer, but couldn't move.

"Selena! Selena!" she heard a distant voice inside her head calling her, but she couldn't respond.

The wolf made one last move, bitting her skin so strongly that she felt unconscious on the floor.

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