Chapter 7: Signs of the Prophecy

Selena opened her eyes with some difficulty, feeling her whole body ache. At first, she could only look at the ceiling, feeling some sort of familiarity with the place. It seemed to be her grandmother's living room.

She also realized that the smell of medicines that made her wake up came from her grandmother, that was beside her.

"Ah, you're finally awake!" her Grandma said, smiling at her. "I thought you wouldn't wake up anymore."

"What is this smell?" Selena frowned.

"I'm cleaning your wounds. It's not pretty." Grandma answered.

Selena tried to sit on the bed, but her grandmother slapped her arm and commanded her to stay laid down.

Not that she would be able to, since with just that little movement, she felt so much pain that almost fainted.

"Ah!" Selena moaned. "It's hurting like hell!"

"Don't say that!" Grandma protested. "I was hoping you could tell me what happened. No one could tell me how you got in this state."

Selena's mind was spinning while she tried to remember anything from the battle.

"I just remember fighting with this wolf and then I felt some weird force inside me…"

Her grandmother stopped cleaning her wound and looked at her, with a concerned look.

"Force? What kind of force?" she asked.

"I don't know. I remember feeling really angry when I saw one of ours being attacked. Then I felt this outstanding strength. I couldn't move my body, I was trembling and my mind was dizzy. I never felt anything like that before."

Selena stopped for a few seconds, trying to make the scene clearer on her mind.

"I remember throwing the guy so far that I couldn't even see him."

At the moment Selena said those things, her grandmother reminisced about the Moon Spirit and the fact that Selena was born in a night of full moon.

Maybe those powers that Selena felt meant something regarding the prophecy about her destiny.

Selena's future was meant to be something great, but Grandma didn't know what it could be.

The Moon Spirit also said that Selena would unite with her son, but Grandma couldn't imagine who he was. No one in Selena's life seemed to be the son of the moon.

"Grandma? Grandma?" Selena snapped her fingers in front of her grandmother's eyes.

"What? Stop moving, I'm trying to clean your wound!" she grumbled.

"I was talking to you for almost five minutes and you didn't reply to me. I thought you felt asleep or something." Selena said.

"I'm not that old, you fool! I wouldn't sleep in the middle of a conversation, let alone sleep while tending your damn wounds." Grandma snorted, getting back to the wounds on Selena's ribs.

Selena stayed still for a few minutes. She was pretty sure she had a broken bone, but wasn't able to tell exactly where.

"So, Darius said he found you unconscious in the middle of the woods, full of blood and bruises." Grandma said after a while.

"Oh, so that's what happened?" Selena gazed at the ceiling, trying to remind that.

At that exact moment, they heard a loud knock on the door. Whoever it was, it had no manners at all, knocking at an elderly woman's door like that.

Grandma stood up and opened the door, revealing an angry Bryce on the other side.

"Bryce! Didn't I teach you anything? Why do you have to knock so hard?" Grandma complained, making space for the man to pass.

He completely ignored her and entered the house like he owned the place.

Selena clenched her fist, infuriated at how he treated her grandmother. Or even worst, his own mother. Selena didn't expect to be treated well by Bryce, but her grandmother was another story.

"How did you end up like this? Don't you know how to be in a battle?" he spat the words, gazing at her with a disgusted look.

Selena swallowed a few bad words before replying to him.

"What are you doing here?" she asked him, coldly.

"I came to continue our conversation." he sat where her grandmother were a few seconds ago. Grandma stood behind him, looking at Selena.

"Like I was saying before" Bryce continued impatiently. "You must marry this Alpha. Or he will start a war with us, and no one wants that to happen." he stated, as if that would make her change her mind.

"I don't understand why I must marry someone to prevent a war from happening. That doesn't make any sense to me." Selena said, supporting his glaze towards her.

"It doesn't have to make sense to you. That was his condition, and I agreed to it."

"Are you so afraid of him and so unconfident in yourself, that you need to give your daughter's hand in marriage to an Alpha to prevent a war?" Selena mocked her father, even though she knew that would make him even more eager to put her through something she didn't want to do.

But she simply couldn't stand still and accept the fact that her father was trying to force her into a marriage with some man she didn't know.

Bryce's face got so red after what she said, that Selena almost regretted provoking him.

"I didn't come to ask you. I just came to warn you."

Selena had never been so angry and frustrated before.

How could he think that he had any right to decide her future? And why this damn Alpha wanted to marry her?

Selena retained a scream, unable to think of a way to convince her father to change his mind.

"You can't make me marry someone I don't know, father." she said softly, trying to change her strategy. But of course it was useless.

Selena was trying her best to hold her tears. She wouldn't cry in front of him. Never.

"You're coming home with me." Bryce ignored her, getting up from the chair.

Sensing that Selena wasn't feeling good, her grandmother intervened.

"Bryce, I don't think it's wise for Selena to go home. She's very injured. Let her stay here with me, I'll take care of her and tend her wounds." she said.

"She's a werewolf. She will heal fast." Bryce said ignorantly.

"I know she will, but she looks really bad this time. Please, let her stay." Grandma insisted.

Bryce looked at Selena one more time, with nothing but rage coming out from his eyes and said:

"You can stay here to hide from me all you want. But I'm telling you, you will do as I say. Don't think for a moment that you can go against me or my orders!" he said firm and angrily.

Selena slightly cringed.

Bryce walked to the door with intimidating and powerful footsteps. He knocked the door so strongly that it made Selena startle with the loud noise.

And for the first time in a long time, she cried.

She was just tired of feeling powerless, frustrated, confused and unloved.

Grandma approached her and stroked her hand.

"I don't understand how someone so gentle and kind like you could have such a cruel and heartless son." Selena moaned.

"People don't necessarily are the way we want them to be." Grandma said with a soft smile.

"I envy your patience, Grandma. I can't see things the way you do. I just feel frustrated all the time. I just wanted to be free to make my own choices."

"Don't be sad, Selena. Maybe you'll be surprised one day."

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