Chapter 92: Sex in the Shower

Selena was about to answer him, but Lucas grabbed her lower lip with his teeth and invaded her mouth with his tongue, involving their tongues in a very seductive dance.

Selena felt her wrists being loosen as Lucas lowered his hand to her waist and placed the other behind her head, intertwining his fingers on her hair.

So she lifted her arms and pulled him against her, so she could feel the weight of his body on top of her. Even though he was heavy, she liked to feel him all over her.

It gave her a sense of protection, but domination at the same time, like he was making a statement that her body belonged to him and no one else.

She bit his lip slowly and provocatively, making space for them to breath. Lucas' hand was all over her body, and Selena was losing her mind with his movements.

She grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it up, taking it off and tossing it somewhere. She was always amazed every time she saw him without a shirt. His abs were so defined, and she loved to run her
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