Chapter 6: Scarlett Barnes

Scarlett’s heart was galloping profoundly. Her breaths were heavy against Kaleb’s frame, and the fluttering feeling in her stomach was going wild. She might have escaped from Luca that evening, but she may very well get a heart attack from this strange excitement she was riding out.

As the tip of her nose brushed against Kaleb’s inviting neck, she took a good whiff of his spicy cologne, and that further added to the static that ran through her body.

‘God, I feel so hot,’ she thought silently. ‘How long have I been in his hold? How long did it take for them to leave this hallway? Seriously!’

She sucked in a breath and use everything in her willpower to free herself from what it felt like a spell, binding her toward Kaleb. Faintly, she managed to find the words to say, “They should be gone by now. It’s already been what? Five minutes?”

It was as if she heard the man groan, but Kaleb quickly coughed, pulling away. He responded, “Yes, they are gone now. Damn, who walks that slow? That

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Dapbiang Nongkynrih
interesting competition between father and son
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Mai A Sanchez
How can i read the whole for free.........
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Noralyn Joy Orencio Obrial
Falling in love with Scarlett and Kaleb. Hahaha!!!

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