Iris Flower

"This is irrational, Inessa. How could your aunt do this to you? She seriously is a shame on women's name, " Mirana uttered ,completely disgusted after hearing what Inessa's aunt , Rein had done to her from the point of selling her like an object to that Mathew and then forced her to marry that old man who was of her father's age.

"And that old hag Mathew, he's such a cunning bastard , "

Tears rolled down from Inessa's eyes who was sitting on the grass of the garden of that mansion while staring at Alex who was playing at a distance .

"Hey ! Ness, please don't cry. Please, " Mirana spoke softly squeezing Inessa's shoulder.

"And definitely, don't you dare to blame yourself for anything, "

Mirana told her because she knew Inessa had a habit blaming her own self for every bad thing .

"It's not your fau.... "

"It is my fault, Mi. " Inessa said, cutting her words and then trailed her glossy eyes at Mirana.

"Every single thing is my fault. I am a bad luck for my loved ones. First my
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