125 After The Battle


Stacy and I had to prepare to head to Neev in a rush. We could not take much with us so we could travel faster. I wasn't a fan of road travel, but that was the best option. The women were excited, especially after I had assigned ranks to them. They took it seriously even though it wasn't real. They were eager to show what they had, and the fact that we would be going up against Regan gave them a new determination. A lot of them had it in for him. I knew if they had the opportunity to catch him on a one-on-one, they were bound to kill him. Which explained why the guy lurked in the shadows all these years. He was afraid of being caught.

While we loaded ourselves in the transport, I had to address them again.

"Ladies, I know we are pumped up for a fight but remember, everyone that is not on our side is fair game except for Regan. His death will be slow and painful, so we should only injure and capture him!" I said, and they all agreed. Stacy looked at me and smiled. She was all ge
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Petagay Thompson
awwww I'm glad stacy redeem herself.i love this chapter happy ending ...️. I will be sad this book will be coming to an end ..I will re read it

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