Chapter 12

We're in an underground car park. I follow Zenith to an elevator, step in and stand beside Zenith at the back. John stands in front of us. I feel under-dressed, wearing a hoodie and jeans while they wear expensive suits. After a few minutes, the elevator stops and the doors open with a ding. I step into a large, clean, classy foyer. I follow Zenith to a large door.

'This is the waiting room.' he says.

The waiting room has luxurious couches and recliners, designer coffee tables, fancy vases and fresh flowers. There is a long u-shaped desk centred in the room, and an ample water feature another wall.

'This will be your desk. You will greet the clients and offer them drinks. There is a kitchen with a coffee machine and a fridge behind you. Give my clients whatever they want,' he says. I nod.

'This room behind your desk is my office. Don't let anyone in until you have told me they are here via call. I will tell you when I'm ready for them.'

'What if they refuse to wait and enter your of
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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Let’s if Vanessa is telling the truth
goodnovel comment avatar
Debbie Proffer
I bet zenith is his daughter and that is why her mother ran away Ryker better hurry and find her fast
goodnovel comment avatar
Tonya Horinek
This makes me sad and angry that Alice has gotten away with treating her so badly!!!

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