Chapter 32

‘You scared me, Magnus! Don’t sneak up on me like that again.’

‘Sorry.’ I say, ringing my shirt out.

Nina moves over to a dry area on the grass. I sit opposite her.

‘What are you doing, Magnus?’

‘Monitoring you, so you don’t get caught.’

‘I will not get caught, Magnus.’

‘What spell are you going to try now?’ I say, changing the subject.

‘There is one here called The Blinking Spell, which says to focus on an area you can see in the distance, wave your wand, and say Skedaddle Dash. This will port you in that area. This spell can make you blink or teleport up to a one thousand metre radius at a time.’

‘Think of how quickly you can get to school with that spell?’ I laugh.

Nina rolls her eyes and stands up. She walks roughly five metres away from me and looks past me into the distance.

‘Okay, here goes nothing.’ She says, waving her wand. ‘Skedaddle Dash!’

She disappears for a split second; I suddenly felt a weight on my lap. I look down to see Nina blushing as I hold her like a baby in my
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