Chapter 36

More thunder and lightning flash through the sky above us and turns into a wild storm raining down on us. As I hold Nina in my lap, I feel the electric static where ever our skin touches. It feels amazing. Our eyes turn black. ‘Mate.’ We say in unison.

Nina lets out another scream.

‘Try not to fight it, Nina. It will hurt less if you let your wolf take over.’ I say, stroking my fingers through her hair.

‘It hurts,’

‘I know, babe. I’m here, and I will help you through this.’

She nods and tries her best to relax. Black fur covers her as she shifts into her wolf. My breath is taken away. Her wolf is pure black with a white-shaped star on her forehead.

‘Nina, your wolf is so beautiful. You even have a white star on your forehead. I’ve never seen anything like this.’ I say, stroking her fur. She steps back, prances happily in wolf form, and then nudges into my shoulder.

‘You want me to shift too?’

She shakes her head.

‘Well, if the curse is broken, I should no longer feel any pain when I s
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Greg Mahan
Where’s the next book? I started reading it last night and it’s not here today
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