Chapter 70

I arrive at a set of stone steps that lead to nothing but a dark dead end. I feel the ceiling and realise it’s a large paver. Using all my strength, I push it open and climb out. I look around and see I’m in a very old graveyard. I know where I am. I saw it on the map. I run east toward the mountain where Lord Atticus awaits Lord Talon.

After hours of running and jogging, I have to rest. The sun will be rising soon. I lay next to a large tree and sleep for a while before I continue east. It’s almost nightfall, and I’m exhausted. Lord Talon would have come to check on me through the night to find I’m gone and see I’ve escaped through the window. I continue to look over my shoulder every so often, knowing Lord Talon could catch up to me any time now. That’s if he knows I’m heading toward Lord Atticus. He might think I’ve possibly escaped to return home to my pack.

I’m feeling very hot and flustered. At first, I thought it was from all the running, but no matter how much I rest, it only
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