I was taking a book from my locker when I felt someone behind me as I closed my eyes, breathing in before opening my eyes and continued searching for my morning subject notebook.

“Hey!” I heard a deep voice say behind me and when I didn't answer him he leaned on the side of my locker, I glanced at him and noticed he looked familiar, but I couldn't remember where.

“Do you just decide not to talk to anyone or what?” He asked when I didn't say anything and still, I didn't reply to him.

“I'm Kayden, what's your name?” He asked, making me close the door of my locker in frustration with a bang, making him jolt back slightly with a peal of alluring laughter as I held my books in my hands and faced him squarely as he smirked at me.

I blinked my eyes staring at this handsome tall guy staring at me, he was the kind of exact guy I always fantasized about.

You know, every girl thinks about how their dream guy should be, I also had my fantasies too about a person I would like to fall for, and he was standing right in front of me.

Never have I seen somebody so handsome as he is, with silky hazel hair I would like to run my fingers through, his beguiling blue eyes trapped me in as my gaze flickered to his tempting pink downward-turned lips.

OMG! He was just gorgeous with his fitted masculine body.

'Snap out of it, Jade!' I told myself, blinking my eyes at him when he gave me a taunting smile.

'Hold on a second! Kayden? That name sounds familiar… I'm sure I've heard it somewhere before,' I thought, racking my memory trying to remember before something popped in my head as I gave a slight gasp.

'So, he was the Kayden that bitchy girl was talking about? No wonder she was so worked up about him… Wait! Is he her boyfriend or what?' I thought before I realized he was waiting for my response.

“You don't need to know about my name or me, so save yourself the stress,” I told him as his face fell staring at me speechlessly I turned around, noticing some girls staring at me, and whispered among themselves.

' I'm sure I've seen him somewhere after the incident of bumping into him, but can't remember,' I told myself as I began to walk when I felt a firm grip on my wrist pulling me as my back hit the locker slightly, making me hiss in annoyance.

“Telling me your name isn't a bad idea,” He furrowed his brows, staring down at me.

I flared up yanking my wrist away from his hold that was making me feel warm, I poked my fingers on his chest as he took a step away from me startled at my actions.

“Telling you my name is a bad thing, so, I suggest you fuck yourself away from me if you are here trying to look for troubles,” I yelled and glared at him while he flashed me a hurt look.

“But, I w*--”

“Save it!” I cut him off, stopping him from whatever he was about to say with my palm, and started walking away from him as I knew he stood just there staring at me.

'Oh, God! Jade, what are you doing?' My mind asked.

'Did I act too arrogant?' I questioned myself, biting my lower lips anxiously.

'You can't drive off everyone who seems interested in speaking with you,' The voice in my mind groaned annoyingly at me as I sighed.

'I'm trying to stay out of trouble, what if he was that crazy girl's boyfriend or has many girls crushing on him, and they find out he is speaking to me, I wouldn't want that to result in any fight,' I thought.

Jeez! I can't believe I just chased off the guy who made the first attempt to talk to me in this school.


I've never felt so hurt in my entire life, this would be the first time I would approach a girl, and she'll talk so arrogantly to me.

'Who is she exactly, that she has such fierceness and arrogant attitude in her?' I thought annoyingly as Athena clung to my arm like a second skin as we were about to enter the class.

We got into the noisy class and everyone kept quiet as they noticed I and Athena's presence as they stared at us.

My eyes caught a familiar person as she raised her head from the table and glanced towards the entrance of the class and maybe thinking the teacher was in the class as we held each other gazes.

'It was her, it was fucking her!' I roared in my mind can't believe we were in the same class and noticed Athena was also glancing in the same direction as me.

"That fucking bitch!" Athena growled, while the girl just shifted her gaze from me to her nonchalantly.

"I'm going to kill you," Athena charged angrily, disentangling her arm from mine, trying to make her way towards the girl sitting with a daring look at her desk as everyone in the class directed their attention to the girl Athena was shouting furiously at.

I pulled Athena by her arm, swirling her round as she fell on my chest while I wrapped my arms around her waist as I brushed her long mixture of brown hair spilling over her face behind her back and bent to her level to whisper in her ears.

"Break-time," I muttered in her ears biting her teasingly on her earlobe as she drew away with a knowing and mischievous smirk plastered on her face as she stared at me and glanced at the girl with a huff before making her way to her seat before I went to mine realizing I was sitting next to this girl.

The teacher walked in and everyone became quiet as I glanced at her as she tucked in loose strands of her black hair behind her ear and hit her pen lithely on her book as my eyes peered down to her book as my eyes caught hold of her boldly written name as she focused on the teacher talking to the class at the front.

'So, Jade is it!' I thought satirically with a smirk as I began hitting my pen too on the desk.


Three periods passed as the bell began ringing indicating the time for a break as everyone sprang out of the class.

I watch Jade stand up from her seat, brushing her hair behind her ear as she threw her bag over her shoulder and made her way towards the door.

I glanced towards Athena who gave Jade a death glare as she walked out of the class, before Athena glanced at me with a taunting smirk as I smirked cockily at her too.

Athena, her friends, and my buddies including me walked into the school canteen as the god and goddess of the school while everyone began cheering for us.

It was no doubt, that we were all popular, judging from the fact we were all billionaire kids, and we couldn't get past anyone without them noticing us.

We spotted an occupied table and Athena walked over to them swaying her slender hips as she told the Juniors to evacuate from the table which they did hurriedly pack their food and one of them cleaned the table before they left.

Landon and Kai went to go order food while Athena sat by my side while I teasingly drew circles on her exposed thigh as she bit her lower lips and eyed me flirtatiously.

"Nah! Nah!!" She muttered with a laugh as I chuckled at her.

"Hey. Tee, isn't that the girl over there?" One of Athena's friends asked Athena as we snapped our gaze sharply to the place she pointed to.

I saw Jade sitting by herself as Athena sprang to her feet. She was all alone and seemed to be lonely as she ate her lunch quietly.

"Girls, we have a brat to deal with," She purred as she approached Kai and collected one tray of food from him as he stared at her confused, wondering what was going on.

Athena glanced at me with a wink as I nodded in approval to do whatever she wanted to do, she started walking over to Jade with her minions following behind her and Jade seemed not to be in the world to notice what was going on around her.

"Hey! Man, what's going on? Why's Athena all worked up?" Kai asked as he got closer to the table and dropped the tray of food on the table and stared at me questioningly.

"You'll get to see," I smirked cockily at him now directing my gaze to Jade specifically.

People stared at Athena and her friends as they marched over to Jade, who still didn't know the hell that was about to befall her.

Athena got closer to Jade who now looked up at her suspiciously wondering what she was up to and the next thing Athena poured all the food on Jade who gasped and jolted in her chairs as the plate and trays came clanging on the floor as everyone gasped.

"Don't you fucking mess with me, bitch!" Athena barked at her as everyone booed.

"Woah!" Landon and Kai laughed, staring at the drama ahead of them.

"Athena doesn't want to back down." Brandon chuckled.

I stared at Jade with a satisfying smirk seeing her too shocked and vulnerable to do anything but the next minute Jade slammed her fist on the table making a banging sound that echoed through the canteen and sprang up from her seat as everyone became silent wondering what she was going to do as she faced Athena who gave her a daring and cocky smirk, which says what was she going to do about it.

"Hmmm!" I leaned closer to the table, wondering what she was about to do.

"You wench!" Jade roared angrily and charged toward Athena, giving her a filthy and thunderous slap across her face as my mouth fell while everyone gasped watching them.

"Dang it! She just fucking slapped Athena," Kai laughed, his eyes popping out from their socket and almost standing from his seat as I glared at him, making him keep shut.

The next thing, I heard a clattering and ringing sound of a stainless tray when it hit the ground, making me revert my gaze to the girls and saw that Jade just poured her food on Athena who was humiliated and shocked beyond imagination.

"Holy shit!!" I gasped in bewilderment, this girl was more than fire!

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