“Me?” I anxiously asked the P. E teacher, while every other eye was fixed on me.

“Yes, you!” He confirmed, I swallowed the lump in my throat when I turned my gaze to Kayden who was staring at me, with a slight smirk on his face.

“She?” Athena asked annoyingly as she glared at me.

“Yes, do you have a problem with it?” The young man asked her while she sneered at him.

“She can't even barely meet with Kayden,” Athena scoffed, shifting her gaze to mine while I frowned at her.

“We will know when she races with him,” The man, who seemed not to be interested in what she was saying anymore, replied curtly.

Athena huffed and started walking closer to me, I didn't move from my spot, ready for any crazy attitude she was about to display.

“You!” She started pointing her finger toward me while I jeered at her.

'Crazy bitch!' I thought, knowing, she would be telling me not to get to her boyfriend.

“I see you are trying in every possible way to get closer to Kayden, but let me tell you one thing,” Sh
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Maureen Knobloch Solache
great story but alot of grammar errors please edit more before posting.
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Marlenny Fernandez
I kept thinking the same since they keep mentioning they have the same eye colors. Might her dad have a doubled life? But how is one a billionaire and the other no
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Alice Makgorane
What if Athena and Jade are related ...

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