I had changed into my casual clothes and was walking down the hallway, when I saw Athena and her gangs approaching my way, and I sighed distressed, feeling the aura of trouble in the air.

I tried to balance my right foot on the floor and walk normally, but I still felt light pains soaring through me.

Athena gave me an unsympathetic look and scoffed as she and her minions got closer to me.

I tried to ignore them and be invincible, but they blocked my path, the four of the girls crossed their arms over their chest and each of them gave me a smug look.

I wheezed out, a bit annoyed, and gaze up to Athena's face. “Please, excuse me!” I said in a calm voice while Athena scoffed at me, rolling her eyes at me, her friends gave me a sneer look then they giggled evilly among themselves.

“You bitch!” Athena started, moving forward and closer to me.

“Please, excuse me!” One of her friends mimicked my voice irritatingly with that croaky voice of hers, my voice doesn't even sound that way, for cryi
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