“Come on! Brielle, you just fucking wet my carpet,” Ryan groaned annoyingly as he cupped Brielle's face with his palms and stared softly at her, and my jaw fell in shock.

“Do you know how much I got those designer carpets?” He questioned her calmly as they both directed their gaze to the carpeted floor, ignoring me like I wasn't the victim.

I was too surprised and thrilled to move, watching Brielle mutter 'sorry' to him sheepishly.

“It's okay,” He smiled warmly at her, brushing her hair to the back while Brielle giggled slightly, tugging a loose strand behind her ear as they both gazed into each other's eyes.

What even crushed me was when he leaned to kiss her left cheek, making her blush profusely.

My heart sank, staring at what the both of them just did, ignoring me totally like an outcast. I couldn't take it any longer as I boiled with fiery and turned around and pushed my way through the crowds running out of the house angrily.

I finally got to the street, especially escaping the devil's dungeon, and began running with rage as the tears flowed down my face freely.

However, I began to run out of out-breath shortly and stopped in my tracks as I bent coughing out horribly, placing both palms on my knees.

'Why does he have to turn into such a heartless asshole?' I lamented as I began sobbing aside the road.

'What did I ever do wrong for him to treat me this way and show nothing but hate to me?' I cried, hitting my fist repeatedly on my chest to stop the terrible cough.

When I didn't have any answers to my questions, my cough died down, and I began to feel cold and alone on this dark street.

I pulled my jacket over my head, leaving me to the black tube I was wearing underneath, as I began making my way towards the house.

I got home and quietly began to climb the stairs, what I needed just now is to be left alone tonight.

My left fingers curled around the rails of the stairs for support while my jacket hung on the right side of my shoulder when my mum called my name, making me have to stop in my tracks.

“Hailey,” She called again, sounding a bit happy and hopeful that things had turned out well between me and Ryan.

I turned to face her, smile dropped as soon as her eyes met my face.

“What happened, are you okay, Hailey?” She asked worriedly, rushing through the stairs to come to meet me.

“Nothing, I'm fine,” I replied, casting my gaze away from her scrutinizing stares as I breathed out, blinking my eyes severally to stop the tempting tears ready to spill out again.

“Are you certain?” She questioned again.

“Yeah, I'm fine,” I sniffed now gazing at my mum's warm face which was still worried.

“How was it with Ryan, did you two talk?” She inquired, making me grit my teeth as I let out an exasperated sigh.

“We did… Mum, I feel so tired right now, and I want to have some sleep,” I informed her flatly, rubbing my eyes and yawning to show her I was indeed so tired.

“What of dinner?” She asked.

“I had it at his place already,” I lied, and she nodded.

“That's great,” She smiled while I turned around and began walking on the stairs.

“Hailey,” Mum called me while I frowned and turned to snap my gaze to her, I was so frustrated and humiliated right now. If only she will give me a break to be alone.

“Goodnight dear,” She beamed at me elatedly.

“Goodnight mum,” I reciprocated while feeling drained.

Finally, I entered my room and closed the door immediately behind me as I turned the doorknob.

I dragged my feet wobbly to my bed and slumped on the soft, cozy material as I let all the emotions held inside me gush out.

I covered my face with my palm and began sobbing quietly.

My fingers curled around the straps of my school bag as I walked down the hallway of the school building with numerous fingers and eyes pointed toward me.

I got to my locker when I heard some disembodied voices begin to talk beside me.

“Isn't that the girl, who looked like a dimwit yesterday?” A girlish voice prattled while I sighed.

“Oh, yes! She's the one, she made a complete fool of herself running after Ryan, I mean Ryan of all people,” The other voice scoffed while the former voice giggled.

“Like, Ryan of all guys, he wouldn't want to go for a stone broke twerp,” The latter voice

chuckled, making me annoyingly close the door of my locker with a loud thud as I glared at the girls while they sneered at me.

'That was enough! I wouldn't stay here listening to all the bullshits they were saying about me,' I fumed angrily in my mind without saying anything as I just threw daggers at them.

“Huh? You want to fight us?” The first girl in, with dark red hair, smirked at me with a raised brow.

I wanted to tongue-lash her so badly, vex and pour out all my anger on her, but on second thought, I decided to let it pass and stay calm.

“I bet she can't do that, she's just too weak to fight back just like yesterday,” The other girl in black Bob hair and dark brown eyes scoffed as I stared at them speechlessly.

“Humph! Her clothes of yesterday are far too cheap for my liking,” The first girl hissed, disgustingly, crossing her hands over her breast.

“Let's leave her, she's not worth our time,” The girl in Bob's hair said as they smirked and brushed me off their way, making me stagger as all the books in my arm fell to the ground before I got hold of me while other students stared at me and laughed.

Thanks to Ryan, I intended to have a peaceful and memorable day in my final days at high school, but he has succeeded in ruining every single thing for me.

This was all his fucking fault!

I tugged my hair behind my ear as I squatted decently because my school uniform skirt was a bit too short for my liking, and I hurriedly picked up my books and straightened myself as I adjusted my blazer.

I tight-lipped smile as I pressed my books aggressively on my chest when the bell rang and everyone hurried to their classes while I walked with rage, distress, and frustration.

Three hours later, the bell rang and indicated it was time for a break and I didn't care whether Ryan was in class or not, it was better if he could just disappear away from me forever, or I simply did.

I was making my way to the canteen when I looked up to see Ryan and one of his friends walk in the direction of my way as they laughed and chuckled at each other.

My heart skipped a bit as I thought of turning back immediately to avoid him, but I decided against it. He would only think he made me so vulnerable and that will satisfy his ego the more.

I breathed in deeply, braced myself together and gathered the courage I could muster, and breathed out and continued walking.

He glanced up, looking at my path as we held our gazes for a while as his countenance changed. I cut my eye contact with him forcefully as I looked away when we got closer to each other and brushed past him.

Ignoring him totally like he never existed as I walked with my chin up and still protected my dignity, if that's what he wanted, then I'm ready to serve him right.

“Hailey, wait!” I heard him call as I stopped abruptly in my tracks, holding my breath as my blood rushed faster through my veins.

I turned around gradually and came face to face with Ryan as I contemplated what he was about to say next.

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