Chapter 6

I tried to keep

some distance with him, but his voice was just enchanting.


not talking about the cream. I was talking about your scent."

My scent?

What scent?

I sniffed

and only smelt whipped cream.

His warm

scent came closer, created a soft comfortable cage that I can’t and don’t even

want to escape.

He pressed

his lips on my lower cheek making me shiver. His breath was just on my right


I felt his

hands on my waist, holding me hard not letting me go. His one hand reached out

under my cloth, rubbing the side of my waist, and going up.

I started to

try to hold back a moan feeling helpless on this strange pulse. I froze on the

tingle between my thighs and my panties’ wet.

His eyebrows

flew up higher at my actions.

Just then, a

scream suddenly rang out from the kitchen.


is that smell?! Who burnt the cake?!"

I winced and

rushed back into the kitchen, leaning over the door frame to peek inside and

found a cook holding a blackened cake on a plate, staring blankly at it.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Judith learmont
im 67 love to read, but it is frustrating for me as I can't access the chapters .
goodnovel comment avatar
Judith learmont
the plot is ... going great.
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
Can wait to see how this goes. I’m sorry can’t he figure out she would want to get cleaned up?

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