Chapter 103

"Shit!" Alpha Michael cursed.

He immediately ordered his men to chase after the man, but I knew the odds were against it.

Even though it was just a quick glance, I recognized that man. It was Max. His ability to escape has always been superb, so I doubt Alpha Michael's men would be able to catch him.

I glanced at Lilla beside me; sure enough, she was frozen in shock.

When they got Gloria's cold body down from the tree, they found a suicide note in her pocket. It read:

My dearest Alpha Michael,

I'm sorry for betraying you. The child in my body was not yours, but my mate's. I lied that Luna Andrea pushed me down the stairs to cover up the truth, and I planned this all on my own to cover the truth. I thought I could keep lying, but my mate told me he was marrying another woman, and regretted everything I've done when I heard that. So, I chose to die to get rid of all my sins in one go. I'm sorry, and I pray for your happiness.


However, the suicide note apparently wasn't enough to
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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Mary Villanueva
I'm done reading your book story line got messy and boring. plus updates take forever.
goodnovel comment avatar
That was an awful lot crammed into the last two chapters with not a lot of detail!
goodnovel comment avatar
Marta Magdalene
ah Melissa! such an evil character!

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