Chapter 106

When I opened my eyes again, my surroundings were dark, and the smell of dampness and rust was in the air.

I tried to move and realized with a jolt that my hands and feet were tired.

A light suddenly came on.

I squinted at the sudden onslaught of brightness and saw Melissa's face. I also noticed Lilla, who was unconscious beside me.

"Are you awake?" Melissa asked in a cold tone.

I looked at Melissa with confusion swimming in my eyes. "Where are we?"

"A warehouse," Melissa replied bluntly.

"What the hell do you want?"

"Me?" Melissa said sarcastically. "Don't you already know what I want?"

She suddenly pulled a dagger out of her pocket and cackled like a maniac. "Of course, it's to kill you! Also..."

She suddenly pointed the tip of the knife at Lilla, and I was terrified.

"I know you hate and detest me! You can throw anything you want at me, but leave innocent people out of this!"

"Innocent?" Melissa laughed. "Seriously? You can only blame her for being your friend and stealing my man!"
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