Chapter 2

Maddox's POV

The anticipation of seeing her is almost eating me alive. I haven't seen her in 7 months, seven long damn months! I can't believe how much I miss her and I can't even feel the full mate bond yet. I left before I turned 18.

And as much as I miss her and love her already I can't imagine it could possibly be more. But I know it's going to be, I can't help but wonder how much stronger it's going to feel the moment I see her, the moment I feel the full effect of the mate bond.

I see the pack house getting closer and closer and it's taking everything in me not to jump out of the car while it's moving and run up there.

I feel like I can't breathe the moment I see her dart out the front door. Her beautiful long waist length black hair flowing in the wind behind her as she sprints down the driveway. I can see it in her face, I can see how desperate she wants to see me.

My father screeches to a halt as I start opening the door and leap from it before the wheels fully stop moving.

Oh goddess.....I feel it...I feel it!

I feel the tears running down my face as I run to her. I see the tears running down her face as she leaps off the ground and into my arms.

Her body crashing into mine at full force as I wrap my arms around her and stumble backwards. Both our faces immediately going into each other's neck as I let myself drop to the ground while I cry, taking deep breaths of the most intoxicating scent I had ever smelled in my entire life.

Oh Goddess she smells so good! She's the best thing I've ever smelled in my entire life!

My body ignites as I feel the tingles and little electric zaps everywhere our body touches. The sensation is overwhelming, my heart feels so full of love it feels like it's going to explode.

"I love you, I love you so much Addison!" I choke out.

"I love you too, I love you so much Maddy!"

She says and I start laughing as I throw my head back.

Goddess, any other time and I would have scolded her for calling me that. I have so many times before. I always get embarrassed and tell her it's a girly name and she can't call me that.

I grab her face and pull back so I can look into her beautiful angelic face. She truly is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. Her flawless smooth light skin and those beautiful pink plush lips.

We have only kissed twice, two real kiss and that was just before I left both times.

And those two kisses is what I thought about almost every moment I was gone. Something I couldn't wait to come back and do again, I thought as I slowly lean forward.

I felt her beautiful soft lips as they brush against mine. I pressed my lips harder against hers as I felt the amazing tingles dance across my lips.

My heart felt like it was going to explode as it pounded in my chest.

My hand gently brushing across the side of her face, as the amazing tingles danced under my fingers, under everything that touched her.

I opened my mouth and ran my tongue against her lower lip and she opens her mouth allowing access. I slowly slide my tongue into her mouth and feel as my tongue touches hers.

I taste her as my tongue slowly moves with hers. My other hand going to the back of her head as I thread my fingers through her hair.

Her hands gripping the back of my shirt as she holds me tight.

The whole world around us disappears and it's only her, I feel nothing, I smell nothing, I sense nothing but her as I kiss my beautiful mate, the love of my life.

Everything I feel for her is so much more, more than I ever thought was possible. She is my air and without her I would die. I know in this moment I can never be away from her again.

"So I know you guys missed each other and all, but do you mind if we take this into the pack house. I really don't think you guys should be having sex for the first time right out here in front of the pack house anyways."

My father says and Addison quickly jumps back. Her is face red all the way to the tip of her ears. I chuckle as she dives her face into my chest hiding it from my father.

"I think I just found my new favorite thing, I whispered in her ear. Your blush, you look so adorable when you blush."

I whispered and she smacked me on my chest then glared at me. I laughed as I scooped her up while I stood causing her to squeak and wrap her legs around me. I pressed a quick kiss to her lips then spun her as I yelled,

"Goddess I missed you so much!"


I sit here with my beautiful mate in my arms as I sit across from my brother Reid, the Alpha of our pack. My father and dad sitting to the left of me and the beta Damien and his mate Xavier who is also the lead warrior are sitting to my right.

"So have you looked everything over I sent you last week?"  Reid said.

"Yes I have. So they've finished building the new pack house completely?" I asked.

"Yes the new pack house has been completely rebuilt and most of the homes had to be torn down and rebuilt as well.

Ace ran that place into the ground, it was such a dump!

All the bad seeds are gone but a lot of members are still healing mentally. He had those poor people terrified to even leave their house. He would rip their Omega children away from them at the age of 10 and throw them in that damn little one room building!

Most of the omegas have been reunited with their families with the exception of four of them, well technically five if you include Theo."

Reid sad looking at Damian and Xavier. Theo is their other mate who was rescued from Ace's pack.

"By the way where is he?"

I asked realizing he's not here.

"Oh sorry he couldn't be here, he had to help his parents. Their greenhouse got damaged during a storm last week and they're trying to get it finished up as soon as possible. But he'll be here tonight for you're welcome home party." Damien said.

"Okay back to what I was saying."

Reid said.

"One of the omega's turned out to be one of our warriors mates and two of them were mated to Michael's warriors. and the last one was mated to one of Matthew's warriors.

The rest of them went back to their families.

The place looks totally different, you should see it Maddox. You wouldn't recognize it. They've built gardens, they've rebuilt the town and all the little shops.

People aren't afraid to go outside anymore, you can see them walking around happy while the pups play. I think you'll be really happy with what Marcus and Zendaya have accomplished there. They've done really well, but they're chomping at the bit to get home."

He said laughing.

"As good of a job they have done they they don't want to keep the title.

Plus they technically can't since they don't have Alpha blood therefore they can't have the connection to the whole pack like an Alpha and Luna can."

"Well I have to say I'm actually excited. I can't wait to get over there and see what they've done.

Is the alpha floor complete?"

I asked trying to remember if I seen that in the report.

Yep, it's complete and fully furnished and ready for you to move in.

Marcus and Zendaya have already packed up all their stuff and just waiting for you now.

But I'm not saying this because I want you guys to rush. I don't expect you guys to jump right in and run upstairs to get the mating process done just so you can take over the pack.

Move at your own pace and when you guys are ready the position is ready for you."

Reid said.

"Thank you, I'm really glad you said that."

I said giving Addison a squeeze. I already knew this but it's good for her to hear someone say that. I don't want her to think that I'm expecting her to mate me right away just so I can become alpha. Although I wouldn't mind...

I thought as I pressed my nose behind her ear, taking in a deep breath as I take her sent in. I feel her shiver as my breath fans her neck and I smile.

"All right you guys, get out of here! I know you guys have a lot of catching up to do."

My brother says smirking at me.

I smile as I stand up and flip her around so she's facing me. She yelps from the sudden movement and her legs wrap around me.

I growl playfully as I bury my face into her neck making her laugh as I walk out of my brother's office carrying her. I hear everyone laughing as the door closes.

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