Chapter 240

Angelica's POV

She makes a soft little noise as she begins to wake up, nuzzling her face into the warmth that's next to her. The warmth grabs her tighter, squeezing her and her eyes nap open.

She blinks her eyes a few times and a defined muscular shoulder with a tattoo on it comes into view as her eyes focus.

She slowly pulls her face away from it, her head slowly moving up. Her breath catches in her throat when her eyes land on Ryder's face.

His eyes are closed, he's laying in bed with her with his arms around her.

She feels her face heat up when she realizes he doesn't have a shirt on. She can feel his warmth, the heat radiating off his body. She slowly looks down, nervous to see exactly what he has on below the waist.

She's not sure whether to feel relieved or not when she sees he's wearing basketball shorts.

Her eyes slowly move back up, slowly raking over his stomach, chest, then back to his face.

He hums as he pulls her against him again. His face moves forward as he tri
Abigail Phillips


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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
always felt bad for Mathew. so glad for them 2.
goodnovel comment avatar
This chapter was just beautiful all around! Perfection *chefs kiss*
goodnovel comment avatar
Stephanie Delage
Awwww yayyyy!!!!! Loving that Ryder is accepting the bond with Angelica. This made my heart melt <3

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