Author: Frankie Sam

Chapter 1


Kimora; they called it,the mere mention of it struck fear in whoever knew what it stood for. Believed to have been created by the elders who practiced and mastered the dark arts, voodoo some called it. The thing about dark arts is the need to have a strong intellect to be able to control it lest it consumes you whole. Many have tried and perished hence it was banned.

Legends has it that five elders practiced the dark arts in secret driven by the desire they could be able to control it. They did accomplish this task but at the cost of the other commitments they had, for it required maximum devotion.

Nobody dared go against them,the aura of power could not be denied, their wolf bigger, scarier and stronger than any other. When faced in battle; they not only undoubtedly succeeded, they killed and destroyed everything they came in opposition contact with.

Unfortunately having so much power got to the ego of one of the elders. Lucas, one of the five elders suggested that they should be the ones to rule the whole Lycanthrope clan, having so much power they could rule the world, the other four refused saying the purpose of them attaining dark magic wasn't to change the system in way things had been and gave him a stern warning that if he proceeded with his plans he would be stopped by all four of them.

Lucas tricked the four into believing he had dropped his foolish intent while in actual reality he studied more dark matter, trying to possess more,making himself stronger and more powerful than the four combined. At the expense of his dreams, he perished.

What remained of him was pure dark matter spreading like a pandemic, spreading out from body to body leaving its victims in a physical state not far from the dead. Their skins turning pale, their bodies having sparse flesh atop its skeletal framework and veins turning black making them look more or like zombies.

The remaining four had to find a cure for this ailment, "Black Death"; they called it, Kimora was created by them, it came with a price, killing everyone with dark matter and three of the elders died in the process, Kimora was so powerful it did the job but a little too well having a mind of its own the last Elder saw this as a threat had the Kimora gotten rid of and he vanished not to be seen again.

That was decades ago. In recent times, Kimora made its appearance just off the coast of the Denezel River. North-West of Maliki, a little boy was found dead, his corpse laid open outside their home,the abomination of nature. His mother who found his body fell into a coma and didn't recover. Kimora was much worse than Black Death. That teaches us that you don't fight fire with fire or dark matter with dark magic.

Though all the portals to the dark realms had been sealed shut Kimora may have returned or not have left in the first place…

"Lucky for us, that was over twenty years ago if I'm not mistaken. The last account of Kimora may have been a mistake if you ask me" Jade tosses a ball and catches it mid air, heaves a huge sigh and confessed; "You've said this story like a million times and no matter how many times I hear it, it is still thrilling to hear it once again".

"Jade, all is not what it seems and that's why you are trained to control positive energy and not dark matter in case it returns we will be prepared" said Hentai.

"Spying again you naughty little rascal" she jumps scared.

"Negative pa", she bowed, fully aware I had been caught red-handed, "Just heading to my room" I lied, blurting out the first thing that came to my mind.

"I warned you to stop eavesdropping on the classes" grandpa grabs my ears twisting it, making me yelp in pain.

"I'm sorry pa, it was a mistake I promise it won't happen again" I pleaded, pretty sure my ear was red, his sharp nails which had always been admired for how neat they were not letting go, the pain increasing.

"Sire" a guard greets as he bows his head awaiting a response. I didn't even hear him coming then again that's how they are trained,always light on your feet,we don't have a lot of guards here their red and pale yellow outfit the only way I could tell them apart from students, truthfully we didn't need guards but grandpa still had a handful just as a precaution.

"Yes?" Grandpa asks.

"Alpha Zenon is in the premises he request your attention" the guard states without raising his bowed head.

Pa let's go of my ear to stroke his long beard that had turned grey from ageing. I'm sure the same question invoked both our minds; What would the king of werewolves be doing here?

"I'll be there right away" Pa replies waving his hand a sign of dismissal the guard takes a bow then leaves quietly as he came.

"Can I tag along?" I ask giving him the sad puppy dog eyes with the whimpering bottom lip this trick work every time I asked for something

"Most definitely not" he states in a power tone of negative the type he used when his decision was irrevocable.

"Go back to your Chambers if you're bored, ride your pet or play an instrument. I'll get a guard to escort you if need be,I don't want you spying on more classes!" He continues glaring at me.

"I will pa" i reply sweetly.

"Yes you will" he rolls his eyes not believing I won't blame him cause I'm sure I don't believe it myself.

"I will be watching you" he warns sternly saying no more he strides away his silver robe moving in rhythm with the wind his footsteps barely heard on the marble floor. I watch him as he departs till he is no longer in view.

I rush the other way, the grand hall destination in mind.

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