Chapter 2

Looking around, I saw no sight of any human being that can be on this place. It was quiet. Not unlike those times I would be forced to get out. There was no people talking to each other or even vehicles that are creating noises. I know that this is the house of where I have lived since I was just a small brat but then it was as if some things crashed it whole. It is wrecked to the state that I can no longer say if it is a house or not.

Why did this kind of thing even happen in the first place? I was left with no answer as I walked pass through those ruin glasses and bricks that was beneath my feet. Looking at how wrecked our house had become, there was a slight horror in me thinking whether my parents are doing well. 

Are they doing alright? Are they safe somewhere?

We may not be that close just like what they are towards my sister, but still they are my parents... 

Leaving that thoughts behind, I then saw the ruined picture frame of us four that was taken years ago. So they also saw this picture as a decoration? I never know that they would do this. Well, it makes me be surprised for a little since I know for sure that the only picture that they would hang are those picture of them together with my little sister getting achievements from her school. 

Do I sound so jealous? Well, it is not that I am…


My thoughts was then disturbed. 

I hear some strangely familiar sound. Where did I get to hear that again? It seems like I forgotten about that but really… that sound is something that I already heard of before...

And so, a strangely familiar phrase suddenly echoed on my head as if someone is telling it to me.

'They say that when there is darkness there is light but when there are two dinosaurs, there is fight'

I ducked as I bend my knees hearing that loud sound getting louder and louder as time passes by. Joined with how the ground suddenly make a rumbling sound, it is as if some big creatures are running towards my direction.

And just like what I thought, just like what the phrase says, two creatures, a dinosaurs that is head taller than me come running to my direction as they crash bang to each other.

Wait, wait, wait,  two dinosaurs? I know that I just saw big big dinosaur flying in the air just a while ago but … for me to see them in a sight where they are so close to me … I can help but feel really reallyy reaalllyyy scared!!!

They are running towards my direction!!!

“Ahh! Don't go after me! Don't- Ahh!!“

On the contrary of what I just shout over to them, they come chasing after me as they hear my voice shouting. Maybe I should just said that “come and chase after me!“ so that they wouldn't do just as what I said and leave. Right?

No, there is time for me to think about that 

They are going to eat me!!

If just a while ago they are fighting over each other, it seems like they already teamed up for them to come and chase after me. What did I just do in my past life to experience such things! I know that I am a bad son for my parents but this is something that is far beyond those redemptions that I must give—



“Ah- Ahhhhh!!“

Running and running, I should thank myself for not wearing a socks on my slippers even though I always do those acts. Ah shit! Are my slippers supposed to get ruined just like that?!? 

This is insane!!

I almost lost my balance but luckily, the surroundings was so narrow making it hard for them to catch me. Damn it… wearing only one slippers maked my feet hurts so bad!

Should I be thankful for myself that I didn't tried to run inside my room? If thatw as the case then I would probably be dead by now.


I shout as I gulp the last saliva that I have in my mouth. Even though I feel thirsty just a while ago, seems like those kind of feeling suddenly rush out of my body just now. I can still feel my head sweating so hard as I was running for my life.

Hah!! Not because I am fat I am good as your dinner! I am not a food so stop chasing after me!!!

Did I make the right choice of leaving my room? Maybe I should just stay there and don't leave. Maybe by that they would know my presence.  Maybe by that, they would not have any idea that I even exist! But… but… I didn't know this is the one that was waiting for me right after I get out of that damn place!!!



"Why is there even an underwear in this place!? What the- ah!!"





It seems like I belittle this two creatures. Wait, it was the two of them chasing after me… right? So why is it only one just now?

I question myself as I didn't see the other dinosaur that was running after me just a while ago. Where did the dinosaur go? Did he feel tired and just keep on chasing after me?  

I was so caught up with my thoughs not realizing that right in front of me, that dinosaur that I was looking for is waiting for me to run into his mouth.


No no nooooo!!

The dinosaur that is chasing from my back suddenly fasten his pace as he wanted to catch up with me. With that, my eyes finally landed in my front of where I was running into. There, I then saw the sight of that dinosaur waiting for his meal to run inside his belly

”What!!!! the!!!! fuck!!!??!“

I shouted almost hitting a high pitch as I let my whole body slid on the ground.

Woah, maybe I could be a good singer if I survive in here…

Bump bump bump— Ouch

I then bounce and bounce on the ground as I slide just like a small kid playing on a playground. 

Looking at the sight of the dinosaur who was looking at me, I saw him take a peek at his feet as I smoothly slip passes on his whole body.


A loud banging sound was heard as it echoed all over the place. I can feel my feet hitting a metal thing that seems to open itself due to the force that I had made creating when my body hit its surface. 


I was left surprise as I didn't know where that tunnel would lead me. But still, I was left horrid as I see nothing but darkness on that side.

Wait, wait! Wait AHHHHH!

And there, my mind was filled with nothing but the absence of light. 

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