Chapter 7

A number of three children that was years younger than me are now facing me with different weapons on their hands. 

“What? Are you scared? We can let you go if you would punch this bastard to death”

They laugh so hard as if they are certain that they would get a entertainment any time soon. 

Aren't they being a real bastard in what they are doing? 

Looking at my feet, I just remembered how I was walking on my bare feet. Now, it makes me be reminded of that time when I was on the same age as them. Some people would also act that way towards me. 

Picking up on me as if I am their toys… what happened to them in the end? They won and bullied more people from then. 

Why did I even let that happen? Is it because I am afraid? Or is it because I just let them be?

“What? Why are you not saying any words? Don't you know that there are three of us against you? What? Do you dare go against us? You maggot?“

Just a while ago they called me old man, now, a  maggot?

”Your offer is quite good. I don't want any trouble in fact“

Slightly walking to their direction, I can see how their eyes shines. As if they see me as someone inferior to them.

”Mind giving me any weapon?“

Openly giving me the long rod that they are holding, they are like a child in fact. Can be fooled easily…

”I like those person like you old man. You can be part of our team if you want to—“

He surroundings was in mess. Different debris are scattered all around. There is even a wrecked car nearby. By despite of the sound coming from the ruined electric pole, the sound of the rod hitting his feet echoed on the place. 

Silence filled the surrounding before the three of them even realized what really did happen. 

”W-what did you do?!?! Why did you hit him!??!“

Tilting my head, I acted like I don't get what they are speaking of.

”What? You told me to him those bastard to death right? I just did just as what you've said. Why are you getting mad?“

”You son of a bitch, who told you it was us who is the bastard we are talking about?!?!“

”Didn't you just admit it yourself?“

”Go to hell you fucker!!!“

”I didn't know childrens nowadays are this foul mouthed…“

I exclaimed as I let his waist be hit my the rod that I am holding. He winched in pain. The other kid then tried to hit me with that bat, instead of hitting me, it was him who was hit by it when he swang it too hard when he tried to gain a force. 

Blinking my eyes, I didn't know that this would be as easy as this. 

Chuckling, I know for sure they they wouldn't have any courage to bully others again. If so, they are a bunch of idiots to think that they can beat others even if they are bigger in number. 

Looking at those kids that was being bullied a while ago, they look so heavily injured. 

”Are you both alright?“

”Ben… hold on. We will bring you to the hospital”

The kid who have a blood on his head mumbled trying to calm his friend. They both looks so beat up. Hah, being bullied isn't  easy after all.

“Kid, there is a store nearby. Maybe there is a medicine in there. Your friend really needs a first aid”

“Why are you helping us?“

Scratching my nape, I also wonder why I am doing this. If I didn't help them, I wouldn't be exposed in danger. But if I didn't help them, then there is a high possibility that the two of the would die. It is not as if this kids would leave them alone any time soon. 

”Because it seems like you needed my help…“

I answered. 

”Are you kind?“

Am I? 

”Not really“

To a person like me, being called as that is unlikely.  It is not as if I am like my sister. I am not a good child. I am not a good brother. I am just a weight for my family. 

'Leave, just leave me alone Migo. I would die anyway. Just leave me alone and survive'

”Ben! Don't think of something like that! I wouldn't leave you. You will be safe. You will be treated. Hold on. Don't give up… ben…“

I was surprised when he suddenly speak like that. It was as if he head something that I didn't heard.

'But Migo…'

”No buts ben. Do not give up. Everything will be fine soon…”

“Taking to yourself? Kid, that is not a good thing, maybe you also need care”

He didn't answer and just keep his eyes straight on where we are walking into. The store was right in front of us.

“It was wrecked but it is not like there wouldn't be any thing that we can use”

We let that kid named ben be placed on a nearby flat surface.  While this kid who have a serious look talked to him for reassurance  

“Wait here. Alright? I would be getting you some medicines”

He stated as he rush inside after he saw how his friend nodded his head slightly. 

Should I head inside? Or maybe I should just stay with him?


As soon as I called Wai, he pop appearing right in front of me. 

[Hewoo, I am Wai. Your personal assistant.  How may I help you?]

“Open the store. I want to buy a recovery potion”

[Recovery potion cost 20 harto. You currently have 20 harto. Do you still want to purchase it?]

Frowning my head, I almost forgot that I recieved the rewards for getting out of the great whale pirahna.  Clicking the notification, I claim the rewards.


[You recieved 200 harto and a new weapon. Click the information for more details about the weapon]

Hmm, not bad. 200 harto. But… it cost my life and 150 harto in order to get out of that damn place! Didn't he know how much it cost for that poison king's dagger??!

Speaking of a poison king's dagger… 

“Where was it again?”

My eyes felt wide open as I realized how I landed in the surface without that dagger on my hand.

“My… 150 harto…”

I mumbled trying not to cry. The door from the store then swang open revealing this kid. I just realized he was wearing a school jogging pants— a P.E. uniform. 

“Ben! I saw some medicines and medical supplies we can use for you. Here, drink some water first. Maybe you are thirsty”

'Wai, wouldn't it be bad if people saw you?'

[Wai is a personal assistant.  There would be no issue with people seeing me for they do not have the ability to do so]

'Ah, so that is how things work. Right, I want to buy a recovery potion so that this kid Ben would be healed'

[Recovery potion are use to regain hp and stamina. It would remove fatigue but it wouldn't have any changes for wounds and internal bleeding. Do you still want to purchase it?]

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