Chapter 9

“It seems like we meet again”

Judging by his words, it doesn't feel like this was just a coincidence. With my body completely soaked wet, I might look like a complete fool by how I look but who cares. Looking at the place where that big tides came from, I know for sure that staying in this place would do us no good. 

“I think we must go—”

Before I can even complete my words, I can see them going upstairs leaving me behind. 

“Did you just left without saying any words?”

Shocked on how they leave without saying any notice to me, I make my feet moving. The floor is wet which is why we must be careful —


And just as I said… I slip falling due to this floor being slippery.  Getting up quick,  I somehow manage to take a few steps on the stairs before another wave of tide clashes from my back. 

Luckily, I am holding unto this stairs handle. With that, we manage to reach the top of the floor. There was no roof. Only the. Water from the outside can be seen. No land, no roofs, nothing else than that water waves clashing each. 

“Will… people still manage to stay alive despite of this circumstance?”

Migo can't help but ask. Now that I realized it, I can't see his bestfriend. That kid named Ben. I wonder where he is.

“Yes they will still manage to do so. That is, if they had a luck to be in a place this high”

“Judging by how it looks. This was the Hoslow building.  The apartment that is so high. But, it wasn't the tallest building around here”


Why does that name sounds familiar?

“Ah. Yes? Did you say anything?“

I didn't had the chance to answer him. After all, I have no idea why I am not feeling well. It was as if… there was something wrong…

If I remembers it correctly… the moment that Migo's adventure start is when he first kill a monster. By there, his leveling up would start.

As for Saypher… he can see the bar notifications and settings but he just didn't mind of it since he was so immersed in him killing dinosaurs. 

”What is really happening in this world…“

Migo asked in confusion as he saw the changes in the sky and the water.

IKINOBIRU. The game where many things happened.  It shows an adventure that makes user experience all things that happened and might possibly happen in the world. Just like how everything start…


Mesozoic era. This era is best known as the time of the dinosaurs. As for the start of this game, dinosaurs are the main enemy of the players. 

That is the event that we just faced in the first part. Nowx this event that we are having is based on the Paleozoic era. The era on where marine animals are mostly active. Reptiles as such in the land. 

Letting out a deep breathe, I still feel confuse on why this thing happened.  But… there is nothing that I can do than accept this fact. 

”The sky is dark, we must create our base and space for us to sleep“

”Migo, set out a fire“

”How can I make a fire if all of us are soaking wet—“

He didn't had the chance to finish his words as his hand catch a spare clothes that I just got from the inventory.

”H— hey.. where did this came from??“

Ah, right. Now that I show it to them… he won't probably take my reply if I said that it was from my bag. I am completely soaked wet so there is no posible way that 

Saypher is being quiet for some time. It seems like he already notice how this hologram works.

Explaining it to Migo, I can say that Saypher is listening too. I didn't say all things that I know and just show some basics that one would easily notice.  That is when I realized how nice it was to be a IKINOBIRU character.

”Woah, this was so cool. How did this thing happened?“

Just as I thought,  Migo have no idea that this kind of thing exist.

”So it was that thing that was floating on my vision…“

I just let them be, thinking that I shall give them some time to have their ways in that system. Maybe I should go downstairs to see any valuable stuffs that I might use. But… for now… maybe I should use a weapon. 

”Wai, I want to buy the sacrificial sword“

[Sacrificial sword. A sword that helps user make a blast thatbis 10x his normal hit. This would only happen one time for every 25 seconds.  It cost 150 harto. You currently have 195 harto. Do you still want to purchase it?]

Hah… I only have 195 harto left? Wait… we are still having aquest right? There would be a reward after that.

Clicking the notifications,  the time remaining before this quest end is…


Almost haft an hour. Maybe we can make it. I just need to stay alive till then.

The sound of my feet touching the cold wet floor can be heard as I walk downstairs.  Weird… but, I feel like… something is not right. 

”Krrrr spphhss“

What was that sound?!

I gulp.

Did I… made the wrong choice to get down? Maybe I should just stay downstairs—

As soon as I look on my back to get back upstairs, what welcomed me make me surprised in horrid.

”Yes I would like to purchase it!“

[Sacrificial sword purchase completed. 150 harto will be deducted in your 195 harto. You currently have a total of 45 in your balance]


I cursed out of frustration.  Holding the sacrificial sword that suddenly appeared on my hand, I can't help but shout as I give my strength to this creature who looks like a goblin. His skin seems to be Simi of those dolphins and he do have a fins and scales on his body. What is this weird creature… why didn't I see it in the game when—

Ahh shit, maybe this creature was part of the event and I didn't encounter it for I focus on the gigantic Leviathan. 

Maybe by now Saypher was fighting with that monster.  No, I shall not let  myself be swayed with this memories. Right at this moment, what I need to do is kill this goblin thing!





”I thought that I would be killed by that thing. Luckily… I somewhat managed to kill this thing“

[Yippiee! Congratulations, you advanced in Level 3!!]

[You now advanced in Level 3]

[New Side Quest Arrive]

[Wai advanced in level 3]

[New talent unlocked]

[New skill unlocked]

[Store are now upgraded. You can now get discounts using vouchers]

[Storage capacity upgraded. Maximum capacity is now 20]

Wow… I didn't know that there is also voucher in here. If… this was just like the game, maybe I can redeem some lifetime vouchers once I reached Level 10!

Being happy on how I manage to kill this thing, now that the moonlight toiches its body,  I then realized how this creature was similar to the creature that is called Ningen.

The Ningen is described as a whale-like creature that has anatomical similarities to humans. The creature has a face, and in some stories it is said to have extremely large limbs and arms and hands…

Thinking of how this thing appeared, I know that this creature don't stay in a place alone… more or less…

And… with his blood scattering all over… his species would know his exact location. 

It is not impossible that…

There are more creatures as such nearby…

”Krrrr spphhss“

”Krrrr spphhss“

Gulping, I wonder if I did the right thing fo killing this Ningen… maybe… I jsut dig my own grave…

I dare not look back, for I am certain that if I do, what would welcomes me is a countless number of pair of eyes that was looking for its prey. 

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