Chapter 56

Is there something you are feared of? Is it darkness? Is it silence? Or perhaps it is but a normal whom people tend to be scared off?

What would you do if, without notice, you face your fears?

Would you run? Would you hide? Would you scream and beg for your life?

“What are these things?“

As soon as we head inside that place, what faced us are robots that have the very same face as we are.

Each of them… has a face like us. It was something that we never expected to happen.

”They look… like… us”

A big earthquake came making us stumble in where we are. Thinking about what would happen next, for sure… we would face those robots head on. If… it is the robot me whom I would face, I think that would be alright

As soon as the place started to move together with the earthquake, right then we knew that it was the trick that was made by Mors Magnus

As the one who was leading all the technological innovations… there is no way that you can defeat him without using your mind.

He was someone who
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