CHAPTER 98: Leaving for the Philippines, Meeting Ms Anonymous


~Five days later~


The name's of Latin origin, meaning the bringer of joy.

And that's what they named her; Trixie Raya Henry. Lana's and Alistair's pretty sunshine.

Adele smiled as the memories of the past five days replayed in her head.

She leaned further into her seat and closed her eyes, pulling down the black sleeping eye mask over her eyes. Beside her in the luxury first class compartment of the plane, Clara had huge dark shades on and she's deeply engrossed in a novel with Lily __ Adele's cute white poodle, on her laps.

During these five days, Adele had taken care of some important matters in her company and had left the company under the care of her PA and sales manager. The news of her engagement to Carlo Rodriguez, hasn't hit the public yet. They had decided it was best not to announce it to the world for now until issues with her family's been sorted out. Thus, Adele refrained from sharing her joy publicly even when she badly wanted to. For now, the
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