CHAPTER 99: Lisa's blind date


"I'm sorry okay? I promise you Lisa, this is the last Elaine and I would set you up on a blind date. Okay?"

"Wasn't that what you said the last time too?" Lisa frowned as she stared at hers and Rosy's reflection on her full length vanity mirror.

"No seriously, this is different. If at the end of it you still don't like him, you're free to cut me off for one month...oh no, one week.."

Lisa smirked as she picked up the red lipstick on her vanity. "One month. You said it yourself. If he really turns out the same as the others or maybe even worse than the last, you'd have to keep to your word, sweetheart." She said.

Rosy scratched her neck somewhat reluctantly. "Can we just make it one week? You know I can't keep off from you for even a day." She whinned and Lisa rolled her eyes.

"Since you know it, why did you bother? It was your suggestion and I like it even more." She chuckled. "Why? Aren't you certain anymore that I'd like this dude?"

"Oh gosh! This girl
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