~Five Years Later~

Someone was tapping her gently, trying to wake her up. Adele frowned in her sleep and pulled the duvet even more, over her face.

"Bebeeee!" She groaned. "Just one more hour. It's soooo cold."

Carlo smiled and pulled down the duvet once more. He stared down at her pouting lips and chuckled. "Come on now, otherwise Kerrin wouldn't spare us if she's unable to attend Celestine's 6th birthday party. You know how persistent she gets." He tried to coax her using their three year old daughter and his plan pulled through successfully.

Adele sat up with a start at the mention of their daughter. Kerrin was just as persistent as Carlo. Not only that, she also shows great personality similarities with Maddy, Adele's Mom. The only thing the cute little one got from her was her appearance.

Kerrin has pretty hazel eyes __which she obviously got from her Dad, Adele's smile and her facial features but her black hair was also from her Dad.

She's so cute a
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