Chapter 13

Chapter 13

“Clean the mess up.” Reui's voice came out cold as he spoke towards his men who came right after Reui had disposed all the rogues. The sun has finally set and it was starting to get dark.

“Yes, alpha,” said by his men.

He hugged my waist and pulled me close to him. I snuggled my face to his chest to prevent myself from seeing the horrible state of the four rogues who wished the harm us. When I saw the bloodied scene, I freaked out. I didn't know I'm scared to blood until today. Gosh, I experienced a lot of first times.

Like, when I said to myself I liked him. Like how I climbed up to tree, like how I discovered I actually am scared of heights and blood. I didn't know any of it until now. I don't know whether to be glad or to be scared.

“Let's go,” Reui softly said, only for me, as he gently rubbed my back. I shook my head, eyes closed tightly. I'm scared to open my eyes. “You don't want to?” he asked.

I shook my head.

“Hmm, how about I pick you up? Is that okay with my baby?” he cooed, as if I'm a child who's throwing a fit and he's wooing me.

I didn't answered him.

“Shall I take your silence as a yes?”

“....” still, no response from me.

“I'll carry you then.” Without any words said, he picked me up bridal style. A gasp escape my mouth as I shot a glare at him. He grinned and kissed my forehead before he began walking. I relaxed against him and I found myself leaning on his warm, naked chest. Apparently, when he shifted earlier, he could only remove his pants. He went commando right now underneath his pants. But neither of us cared about it.

When we arrived at the house, mommy Cam and the twins hurriedly came to check on us. Reui's mother refused to go away unless the doctor arrived to check on us. Reui was sulking because it was him her son and it was him who fought for the rogues but his mom was worried of me, instead. And Reui was probably sulking because he could not cuddle with me.

It's because whilst talking with him in the lake, we have talked that we'll cuddle tonight. But guess it won't be happening in the meantime.

“How are you, dear?” mommy Cam asked as she caressed my cheek.

I smiled. “I'm perfectly fine, mommy Cam. I'm just a little bit tired.”

“Were you scared earlier?”

I silently nodded my head. Though, it was not my life I was scared to. It was her son's.

“I'm sorry you have to witness it. It was rare that a rogue could enter this pack without us noticing it. Worry not, they are now searching for possible reason behind the incident. We do not believe that we are just easily been invaded.” Her voice suddenly changed from being soft to venomous. It was scary. But then, she smiled reassuringly at me. Her expression changes so quickly.

She left the room and called it a night. I sighed and went to the bathroom to take a quick bath before I go to sleep.

I was busy drying my hair through the towel when I suddenly saw Reui sitting on my bed.

I jumped in shock.

“What are you doing here?!” I hissed in a hush tone, afraid that people in this house might hear me. After all, it's nearly midnight and everyone's already fast asleep, except to those who were patrolling around.

“Cuddle,” he simply replied.


“Cuddle. I'm going to cuddle with you,” he said and flashed me a grin.

My jaw dropped to the floor.

He chuckled. “What? We talked about it earlier. Why do you look surprised?”

He stood up and walked towards me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him. He leaned down and kissed the tip of my nose.

“I'm dying to do it with you, baby,” he said in a husky tone.

I took a deep breathe and smiled sarcastically. “Fine.”

His smile widened. He took the towel from me and dragged me towards the bed. I sat in between his parted legs and let me him dry my hair through the towel.

“Were you scared?” he asked.


“I'm sorry.”

“You don't have to say sorry, though. Neither of us knew that's gonna happen. That was my first time to encounter such event and I'm just a little surprised and a little scared. But all in all, I'm pretty good.”


“Yes,” I said and chuckled. “Hmm, to be honest, I was quite regretful because I didn't get a chance to see you when you shifted in to your wolf form. I was too paranoid and scared to even see what was happening when the wolves attacked us. For a moment, I forgot that you and I are werewolves and we could fight with them. You know, the disadvantage when you grew up with humans around.”

“I don't want you to get hurt,” he said.

I smiled bitterly. “Neither do I, Reui.” I sighed. “I... care for you.”


“I do not want to repeat myself.” I rolled my eyes as my cheeks burned.

He chuckled as he pecked a kiss on my cheek. “I think I'm falling in love with you.”

My heart took a leap.

“It's just the bond, idiot. What you feel for me is just because of the bond. If there is no bond, I bet you would still look at me the same you're doing right now.”

He scoffed. “No. It's not. With or without the bond, I'd still fall for you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I nonchalantly shrugged it off even though my heart was pounding hard.

“I meant it,” he said after a few seconds of silence.

“Shh. Just continue what you're doing. I kinda love it,” I said, referring about him drying my hair.

I heard him sigh.



“Do you want to see my wolf?” he asked.

I swiftly looked at him over my shoulder, wide-eyed. “Y-You'll let me?”

“Tomorrow.” He smiled and kissed my forehead. “For now, let me cuddle with my baby, yeah?”

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