The Witch’s Lair

“I have been so worried about you,” Aunt Aurora said, running her hands down my shoulder. “I made something.”

She said moving towards the table, she picked up a necklace with a tiny rock and placed it in my palms.

“We can converse through this, your mother made one for me and herself before…”

I nodded and tucked it inside the inner pocket of the coat.

“Have you found her?” I asked, referring to the witch who had made the anthurium potion.

Aunt Aurora’s expression turned somber.

“I have,”

Excitement swelled in me. “Where does she stay?”

“Eliana,” She said, holding my hands in hers. “My darling girl, I know you have suffered so much but are you sure about this? You know you are welcome here, it’s been long enough, and no one cares about your mother’s mistake anymore. We will accept you where you rightfully belong.”

“As long as you all keep seeing me as Mother's mistake, this isn't the right place for me,” I said.

She took in a sharp breath. “You know that's not what I mean, I worry for
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