“How was that?” Selena was all smiles as her staggering feet tried to find balance. She had just sung a song I have never heard before and while she performed, I found the moment more and more amusing. Her hat falling off at a point made it more fun to watch.

“What…?” Alejandro’s husky voice filled the hall as Selena turned off the microphone and left it in the hands of Lucius who had walked away from the drum set which he played with a serious look on his face. “What was that?"

Selena chuckled as she walked past me and got off the stage. “You should be grateful, Alejandro. You just got a lovely gift from me and you are about to get another one.”

I got up as well and walked to the middle of the hall where Alejandro was positioned.

“You are yet to give a reply to my question,” Alejandro sounded tough, the folds on his neck stretching as he managed to sit up. “Who are you?”

I don’t know how… but, as Selena’s noisy footsteps approached the man, I could sense her dangerous side comi
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