Julie looked towards the sword wielder, his voice trembling: “Brawen… not……”. Brawen wasn't that strong, nor that tall, nor did he exude the authority of such a strong man, so that person… had just reached this point, his heart tightened, the icicles behind melted away, Julie rushed to Brawen. at lightning speed, and around the ice floes appeared to surround her, preventing her from escaping.

In terms of severity, falling into Julie's hands and falling into the hands of a hunter were equal. One side is to take her for an experiment to dissect for the wrong purpose of developing anti-Vampire technology, on the other hand, to separate the small body into thousands of pieces for the purpose of bringing back Juventus' remains. Either way, the little ones are all the same.

Brawen clicked her tongue, the sword in her hand tightened, hand strength and magic power poured into the sword, in an instant the sword cut the ice, Julie's hand was only a few centimeters away from Brawen, immediately
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