Seeing Brawen, no, seeing Juventus holding Julie, he almost wanted to scream, but when he met Brawen's eyes that meant to be quiet, he closed his mouth and ran over, eyes glued to the baby. Brawen's eyes as to officially confirm that small is Juventus.

Brawen put Julie on Dracula's back, reached out to stroke its head, suddenly touched the wound, a pain from the shoulder transmitted to the headache. Seeing that, Dracula blinked its dark eyes, then immediately returned its beak, trying to grab Brawen by the shoulder.

Those who don't know think it wants to eat Brawen, but in fact it is applying "medicine" to her. Dracula is an extremely rare purple-haired noble bat, partly because of its flight speed and sophistication, the rest is its saliva that can make very good medicine for wounds, especially wounds. caused by silver bullets.

But now if she doesn't go, Julie will surely wake up. Thinking so, Brawen immediately took out another small bag from his pocket, Dracula understood, he slowl
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