Number 1

Her whole body trembled, her eyes wide with terror. The girl wanted to go back further, but found that her back was touching the side of the truck.

Don't be afraid, come here baby, I will make you happy. Just like... your friend's child. "

The man growled fiercely and then pulled Shelly's head and slammed it on the floor. Shelly was severely stunned by the impact, bleeding on her forehead, and could barely move.


The sound of fabric being torn again resounded. The already patched skirt was now even more pitifully torn. Shelly desperately closed her eyes, waiting for the man's intrusion. Maybe... it would be better to die. She was already too tired. No matter how obedient, no matter how obedient, the end result was still abandonment.

Parents, wait for me. I'll be here soon. Rachel, I won't let you go alone. "

Tears kept flowing from Shelly's eye sockets. She let herself feel disgust from the violent man's touch, her whole body stiff as a dead person. Suddenly, Shelly's mind flashed through the happy days with her parents, the happy times with Rachel, and finally the scary, bloody images. The parents were soaked in a pool of bright red blood. Rachel's pretty face was also covered in that red. Red, so much red.

"Shelly, you have to be strong. Don't cry just because you fell."

"Shelly, don't cry. Be good. Smile. My daughter's smile is the prettiest!"

“Shelly, we will find a new family together and live happily ever after.”

“You have such a beautiful smile, Shelly. You look like an angel.”


Faint voices quickly flashed through the memory. Shelly's eyes fluttered open.

"No, I can't let my parents and Rachel die like that. I can't."

Shelly's irises glowed madly red as she looked at the man still kissing her body. Her right hand started groping around until she bumped into an open box.

“Papa, Rachel, and Shelly are not going to die. Shelly will... revenge!!! "

Shelly's arms shot up, thrusting something with all her might toward the damn man's face.

"Ah! Ah!Aa!"

The screams sounded like a pig being teased reverberated over the sound of the rain outside. The man in pain, holding his right face covered in blood, squatted up. Before he had time to react, Shelly immediately got up and continued to stab his throat with a screwdriver. As if fearing that her sucking energy wouldn't be enough to kill an adult man in one blow, the girl kept stabbing several more times. Shelly's young face splattered with blood. It splashed onto the side of the trunk, spilling along the man's body and onto the floor. The whole space is dyed red with love and evil.


“Cluck, cluck..."

Babysitter Rose was sitting regretfully because she had sold two talented children that had reduced her later life when she heard a knock on the door. The children in the room felt strange, wondering who would come at this hour.


Nurse Rose looked at Shelly with her head down in surprise, her long, sunny blonde hair sticking to it from the rain, making her face invisible. Because the light was too weak, she couldn't see the fresh blood smeared all over the girl's body, only was surprised and shouted:

“Shelly... ah!"

Nurse Rose stared in disbelief at her stomach, which had just been pierced by a screwdriver and fell to the floor. The children around her were not surprised to see her suddenly fall down, but found a familiar figure entering. Shelly stomped her muddy feet on the nanny rose, smiling at them. The angelic smile at this moment was bloodthirsty like a devil, and his eyes were red like hell fire.

"Asian! Asian! Asian!!!"


Ten years later, the headquarters of the assassin and intelligence organization M are in London, England.

"What's going on?!!"

More than three hundred assassins looked at the organization's annual assassin rankings in amazement. Their faces were all incredulous. The number 1 position naturally belongs to a very strange name: Fire.

“No way! There must be a mistake!” Rich, an assassin who has been active for more than fifteen years and is always in the top five disgruntled. Apparently this year, he had completed a hundred missions. He should have been first. How could he be second? Moreover, this fire name is very new, like it has just been active recently. In terms of experience and ability, a newcomer can't stand in the top 100, let alone first like this.

“Yes, the superiors must have made a mistake.” Ellen, also a capable assassin, followed suit. She's been an assassin for so long, she barely managed to get into the top 10, but now she's being stepped on by someone new, she can't stand it.

The murmur of complaints did not stop. Benedict looked at the chaotic scene on the screen and couldn't help but smirk proudly. He has been the leader of this organization for more than forty years to train such a talented person. In only a month of operation, he has climbed to first place. It is hard to believe. The trip to China at that time was certainly not in vain. Recalling the scene of a child standing in the middle of a room full of blood and corpses, still smiling like an angel in the middle of hell, he felt an indescribable excitement. With just one look, he knew that the girl was born to be an assassin. He confirmed this even more when he saw the results after ten years of special training.


A girl about fifteen or sixteen years old entered. The girl with a small face, sparkling chocolate eyes like stars, is extremely spiritual, with a high nose bridge, natural pink lips like sweet candy, enticing people to taste it, and silky golden hair reaching to her back. The bright red leather suit and thick high heels of the same color accentuated the girl's smooth white skin. It is hard to believe that this fragile and fragile underage girl is Fire, the number one assassin of the M organization.

The more Benedict looked at the product of his intense training, the more satisfied he became. Perfect, absolutely perfect. With an assassin like this, the M organization in the future will crush all other assassin organizations and dominate the world. With a hoarse voice, he spoke solemnly:

“You did a great job on the last mission. These are the next tasks you have to do.

Shelly smiled brightly as she looked at the thick stack of files that Benedict had pointed to, shaking her head gently. Benedict frowned at the puppet's disobedience, growling menacingly.

“What's wrong? Do you want to be lazy as soon as you hit number 1? Fire, you should remember that you are a member of the M organization. My subordinate, I have ordered you to follow."

Shelly's eyes flashed, but her smile remained unchanged. She said, gently stroking the silver ring on her right hand, she said:

“Leader, of course I know that I am an assassin of organization M as well as your subordinate, but, if I remember correctly, the assassin ranked in the top 3 has the right to freely choose the mission as well as at will." "Must move.

Benedict was shocked; he didn't expect that Shelly had learned the rules of the organization, so he was extremely upset. A well-trained puppet can't fully exploit its labor. How can he be happy?

“You are the exception."

Before Benedict finished his sentence, he immediately shut up. Ever since then, special metal wires resembling a spider's web have filled his room, gently slicing everything into pieces. Shelly happily returned the metal wire to the silver ring on her finger, smiling.

"Sorry boss, I can't help wanting to try a new rope."

Benedict, of course, knows Shelly's special weapon. This thing was created by her. It was extremely difficult and complicated to control. He had tried it once but couldn't use it. Such a fragile and weak-looking weapon was exactly like its owner, a bloodthirsty killing tool. With it, Shelly slaughtered more than three thousand people of a notorious gangster state in London, climbing to the top of the year. It is needless to say how terrifying it was. Benedict, though full of experience, was not sure of the victory when fighting it and had to give in in the end.

"Okay, from now on, you join the freelance group."

Shelly smiled again, making her delicate face even more brilliant, even making Benedict look at her in shock. She bowed slightly in thanks and turned to leave. China, you are coming back here.



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