Chapter 55

Anna's POV

"Anna the police are here "Eve said and my eyes widened

What am i going to do now???

"What happened?? Is something wrong?? Why are they here?? CJ asked and I shot him a glare

"It's none of your business, it's mine " I answered just then we heard a loud bang on the door making Eve gasped

"Anna we don't have much time, if the police find you here then you won't be able to save your dad, you have to escape through the back door together with CJ" Eve said then I let out a sigh and looked at CJ

"Where did you park your car?? I asked


CJ was driving the car and everywhere was silent, I could tell he was looking at me

"You better focus on what you're driving before you get us killed " I said without looking at him

"Why are the police looking for you?? He asked

"Just because you're helping me doesn't mean I have forgiven you or just because I am in your car doesn't mean you have the right to ask me silly questions " I said then suddenly he st
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