Chapter 02

Elle Rose 

I glared at him.

If I am only allowed to feel two emotions against a person, hatred and betrayal are on top of my list. A new beta of Odwolfe pack? That's totally insane. 

He did not let his burning gaze drape over my body as I saw his cheeks bleeding from what I did earlier. He told me my father was dead, and I lost myself. I did not regret making his cheeks bleed. 

I only regret not doing it all over his body until he is dead and full of my claw marks. 

He growled. “You’re lucky I did not strangle you for hurting my face.” 

“You’re lucky I only bruised your face and did not end your life,” I hissed back before adjusting my position on the couch, trying to loosen the rope on my wrists. “Where’s my dad? Don’t play games with me because I am sure someone like you cannot kill him.” 

He flicks the cigarette on his fingers and threw back his head before blowing a white cloud of smoke. I can feel the curiosity in his gaze making me raise a brow.  

“What?” I asked. 

“You’re sleeping with Alpha Taylor?” he questioned without blinking. I froze in place because he knows him. “The alpha of the pack who enslaved your family for generations?” he added.

“Who is sleeping with whom?” A more muscular man arrived at the door, looking angrier and darker than this one. His eyes scrutinized my body, making me almost want to just run out of this house.  “This whore is sleeping with whom, Jacob?” 

I snapped my head in his direction. He is leaning his body on the wall while the other one is pacing back and forth while smoking.

The one whom he called Jacob grins at me. “I saw her in the car. She’s making out with the alpha pack that I told you about last time, alpha.” 

Alpha? He is the alpha? 

I stared at him wide-eyed, recognizing his frame. 

The shadow lurking over the tree is him! 

He is looking in my direction earlier and he is the alpha?! 

“I can’t believe that the old man’s daughter is a whore. It’s a bad thing I already killed him and he cannot know how filthy her daughter is, huh?” 

“What did you say?” I shouted, wanting to fucking kill the both of them.  

He sarcastically chuckles and straightens his back. My body is freezing, watching him step closer in my direction. This man is only wearing a muscle shirt, but I can see his well-sculpted body. 

Big muscular arms, well-chiseled chest, and defined abdomen part. Damn, this man is sizzling hot. If only he is not crazy because my father is a wicked grass who cannot be easily killed by anyone. 

I spit out making him angrier.

“You did not hear how I called you a whore? Or perhaps you did not hear how your father is dead by now, sweetheart?” He steps much closer, then bends down to grip my jaw. “Your father seeks for you until his last breath. But you’ve been a very bad daughter, leaving him all alone just so you could have your fun time whoring around.” 

Jacob, the bruised one, throws the cigarette on the floor and walks in our direction. “What should I do with her man, Alpha Klaude?” 

“Do you love him?” Alpha Klaude asked, smirking at me. 

They are both staring at me.

 I can feel the tension between their stares and I don’t know why I am suddenly afraid for Alpha Taylor’s life. I know he can defend himself, but I will not let him be in danger because of me. 

I shake my head, making them look at me. “I-I don’t.” Liar. “Please spare his life.”  

“Kill the man, Beta Jacob,” Klaude said. 

I gaze scared over Beta Jacob and see him nodding while grinning. “Mission accomplished, Alpha Klaude. I will kill him and deliver his head to their pack.”

I teared up. My head is aggressively shaking as I whimpered at what I heard from them.

I love Alpha Taylor. I love him, and I don’t want him to be killed. 

Both of them are devils! These two wolves in front of me are devils! 

“You are both monsters!” I shouted at the top of my lungs, trying to get out of the rope. “I will fucking kill you if you touch him! I will fucking kill the both of you!” I shouted while crying.

A little smirk played well into their lips, but I could only see darkness in them. 

Monsters. Devils. Heartless. 

Both of them are heartless for doing this to me. 

Klaude cleared his throat. “ You can’t kill me before I kill you, Elle Rose,” he slowly muttered. “But I am willing to spare your life if you agree to my proposition.” 

Hearing his remarks causes my throat to constrict in disgust. This man knows how to use his power, but I am not intimidated by it. “I will not fucking beg for you to let me live, asshole! I will not kneel and worship someone like you!” 

“She wants to be dead,” Beta Jacob whistles. 

Klaude blurted out a sarcastic laugh. “Be my whore. I am going to spare your life if you will worship and kneel right now, Elle Rose. Serve me as your alpha and whore, then I will give you my mercy.”  

It made me laugh. Oh, men.

“Do you really think I want to be your whore after you killed my father?” I scoffed. “You can kill me right now, little alpha. Kill me right now and I will be happy knowing I did not worship someone as devious as you. Kill me now and I will gladly die so I won't see you again.” 

“You wanted to die?” He gripped my chin with too much force, making me grimace in pain. The look on his face is too dark. “That only made me not to kill you, woman,” he licked his lips inward to hide his grin. “You know what? I’ll spare your Alpha Taylor’s life.” 

“W-What?” I asked, stunned. 

Beta Jacob growled like he was damn losing himself because of his alpha’s suggestion, but I saw nothing but hope in this situation. Alpha Taylor is captured by Beta Jacob earlier, and I don’t know where he brought him.

“Y-You really mean it? You will let Alpha Taylor get out of this pack alive?” 

My heart rapidly paced in hope. 

“You will do that?” I aggressively asked because he was only smirking in my direction. “How can I make sure you will do your end of the deal?” 

“Only if you agree to submit to me, Elle Rose. To worship me and kiss every ground that I walked on,” Klaude cruelly said, holding back his laughter. I can still feel his hard grip on my chin and then his insulting laugh erupted over the whole mansion. He looked like he was thrilled with my predicaments right now. 

I nod. Both of them laughed at me, but all I can feel is hatred.

Tears began swelling my eyes as if I didn't want to recognize the insulting expression on their face. My father had just called me a week before to come home. It took me another week to obey because I can’t leave Taylor alone. 

He wants me to go with him in his pack and never come back to Odwolfe. He promises our future life together because he is determined we can convince my father to just merge our pack together through our marriage. 

If I can make sure of his life, then I will have a better chance to help Odwolfe pack. Alpha Taylor can go back to his pack and save mine. 

I am confident he will do that. For me. 

Klaude gripped my hands together behind my back. I don’t care if I looked like a mess, with tears freely flowing in my eyes. 

“Kneel and submit right now, Elle Rose. Prove you are true to your words and worship me as your alpha.” 

Klaude gripped my jaw. It hurts to feel his hand almost breaking the bones in my jaw.

 “ What are you waiting for? You want your little lover to be alive, right? Kneel and worship me, Elle Rose. Do that and I will spare his life.” 

Both Alpha Klaude and Beta Jacob are staring at me with smugness in their eyes. They must’ve thought that they won, but I will not let them. 

It took me all of my strength to kneel. My wrists are still bound behind my back, but it did not stop me. 

There I was, the only daughter of the Odwolfe pack, kneeling and worshiping over the man who killed my father. But it is only the start because, as I felt the hardness of the cold hard ground on the skin of my knees, I felt a burning desire inside of me to avenge what happened to my father and this pack. 


I am not submitting to them. 

This is not the end of Odwolfe pack. I am going to make sure they are going to regret that they let me live. 

They let Elle Rose Odwolfe, the daughter of the strongest pack, the heiress of the OdWolfe Pack alive. 

If I burn, they burn. Because we are all caught in between. 

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