Hundred million

Denzel was heading towards his car when a car drove into the compound at a high speed. He was surprised to see someone do such in his territory and it was evident whoever it was, it wasn't for peace but war.

Seeing the little mouse get down the car, he couldn't help but to chuckle knowing fully well what he was there for, the message got to him quite clearly.

"I don't know what you will do but for your own sake, tell your puppet to let my things be," he threatened and Denzel just stared at him, he was ready to laugh but decided not to.

"I don't really understand your blubbering, what are you saying?"

"I don't have time to exchange words with you? Call you puppet now?"

"I should call my puppet? Last I checked I don't keep puppets, what are you talking about?" Denzel asked looked around then looked back at him.

"Look around, you really are embarrassing yourself imagine a grown man blabbering words like a kid. Once you are sober we can talk because I real
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