Nate gasped as Jake walked in. He had his hands tied behind him, from his swollen face, anyone could tell he was badly tortured.

“Jake” he gasped as he moved toward as him

One of the guards growled and instructed Nate to return to his seat.

Jake smiled weakly as he fell to the floor, he had so many stories to tell Nate and the others.

“What the hell did you do to him?” Nate demanded as he fumed

Wyatt smiled proudly. Everything was a game to him, if he played his cards well, then he was certainly going to win.

“That’s what you get for betraying me” Wyatt scoffed and eyed Jake. “I knew Jake was your father’s minion but what I didn’t know was how much he was willing to sacrifice for you”

Nate passed a hand through his hair as he thought of what to do next. Jake looked like he needed to be at a hospital as soon as possible. It was obvious he was starved and beaten mercilessly.

The white shirt he had on on the day of the kidnap was barely recognizable as it had become
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