“And what do you think we are doing?” Ruby cried

She rubbed her arms, regretting why she had exposed them.

“Just trust me okay” Cassie assured her as she led the way forward

Ruby groaned as she tailed behind her grumpily. It was enough punishment that she had to be dragged out of bed quite early and of course, typical Cassie had an issue with the cab driver and he asked them to alight his vehicle immediately.

Ruby sighed, this was one of the moments she missed her car and missed having her old life back. She had sold the car when she thought she was going to travel. The car was a blue Audi car but she loved it regardless, she had saved all year during college for it and eventually had to kiss it goodbye.

Cassie did have a car but was a reckless driver, she valued her life more so she didn’t bother driving.

“I’m quite sure he’s here, a hundred percent”

Ruby didn’t argue any further. Cassie said she had paid someone to trace where Ethan was and whoever she paid had give
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