Chapter 10

She went back to the music class and all eyes was on her

"Where did you go princess?? Jace asked with a flirting tone

"I went to check out something" Darcie lied

"So should we continue" finn asked but Darcie shook her head in disagreement

"Maybe some other time" she said and looked at Clark who was reading a novel , she went to him and sat next to him

"Oh.. I don't wanna be late for the baseball pratice" Jace said "finn do you wanna come along??

"Sure" finn said and they both wave at Clark and Darcie before going

"See you guys later" finn said

"And my beautiful princess" Jace winked at Darcie before leaving

"That is one of my favourite novel" darcie said

"Ohh really its one of my favourite too" Clark said and put the novel aside

"How about I teach you some simple basic things on how to play keyboard"

"Sure" darcie smiled and Clark began to explain the intro to her but darcie wasn't paying attention, she was looking at him, he's really cute with his brown curly hair, hazel eyes
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