Sold her out for wealth

Chapter 91

The car came to a halt in front of Mrs. Bella's mansion. Lisa climbed out of the car and just then Mrs. Bella walked out of the house with Nova trailing behind her.

“Aunt Lisa” Nova yelled and ran towards Lisa and hugged her.

“Oh, my sweet girl” Lisa said and carried her. She doesn't know why she just loves nova a lot. The little girl is just so sweet.

“Welcome, Lisa. Thank you for coming” Mrs. Bella said and hugged Lisa. She felt surprised.

“Thank you, ma'am, “ Lisa said as she pulled away from the hug and smiled at her.

“Let's go inside, “ Mrs. Bella said and held Lisa's hand before walking inside the house.

Lisa felt kind of surprised by the special treatment Mrs. Bella was giving to her.

“Aunt Lisa, come let me show you my room. I have lots of toys in my room that I use to play” nova giggled happily

“Oh really. That's nice” Lisa responded, smiling at her.

“Nova, go to your room and play. I and your aunt Lisa want to talk. I'll call you when you're needed” Mrs. Bell
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