Is Mrs Lisa a gangster?

Chapter 130

That monster” Lisa said, almost yelling and Dina quickly closed the open door.

“Oh my goodness! Where? When?” Dina asked surprised.

“I saw him at my kid's school yesterday and now he's at the party,” Lisa said as scratched her head.

Dina stared at Lisa whose eyes were now filled with tears.

“The moment I saw him those memories I have been trying to bury, they came back. I can't sleep at night Dina, I keep remembering all the things he's done to me. It makes me so angry that I hurt Isabella last night” Lisa cried and Dina exhaled deeply not knowing what to say. She moved towards her and helped her stand up from the chair that hugged her.

“You gonna be fine. Everything will be fine” Dina consoled as she patted her back. Just then they heard a knock on the door. Dina moved away from the hug and cleaned her tears.

“Come in,” Dina said and the manager, Aria, opened the door and walked in.

“Ma’am, your attention is needed outside, “ Aria said

“Hope everything is fine out th
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