Urie and Rain got back to work the next day as nothing happened.

When Urie woke up, Axel was already nowhere to be found. Lucas said that he had a business to attend to. And that the two of them had an upset stomach. That caused them to faint.

Axel had already fired the chefs as Lucas told them. And had them delivered to their own homes afterward.

Even after that, Axel had not any contact with him.

But what about the kiss?

Though it happened only once. It should have some meaning to it, right?”

“A penny for your thoughts?” Adam stood in front of him. Holding a cup of hot coffee in one hand. And a slice of chocolate cake on the other.

It’s no secret that he is a sucker for both. Adam handed both to him.

”I figured you haven’t had your breakfast like every other day.”

“Thank you.” he smiled at his thoughtfulness.

Rain was busy acting on one of his scenes elsewhere. That Urie didn’t have to feel guilty about accepting Adam's good heart.

“I heard you disappeared with Rain the other day. I
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