Chapter 93


I rushed out of my bathroom, wrapped in a towel, to someone banging on my room door. It was the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Lexi, Colby, and I were heading home in an hour to spend the week, and celebrate the holiday with our family. I was excited as I hadn’t been included in Thanksgiving dinner since I was 11. I did miss making Thanksgiving dinner. That had always been one of my favorite meals to cook. It actually took a lot of convincing to get Joe, dad, Rowen, Jax, Colby, and Lucy to allow me to cook the meal. The agreement was that I could cook it, but I had to let others clean up, and I was to ask for help if I needed it.

With a sigh I opened my door to find Norm standing there. He instantly stepped back, cursed, and covered his eyes. At first I was confused until I looked down, and remembered I was only in a towel. With a giggled I left the door open for Norm, and went back into the bathroom. I heard the door shut loudly.

“I think I’m scared for li
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Derena Marie
Definitely a lot of someone who worked with kids I wish they all had this info
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Petagay Thompson
that is a lot of information. love it. hope she don't chicken out and let Rowen explore her body

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