Chapter 94


I hated that for the first evening Chastity was home I couldn’t spend it with her. By the time the guys, and I were allowed back in Jax’s apartment, Chastity was almost completely passed out. There were empty dishes, and drink containers every where. Gina was passed out with her pillow on the couch. Melissa was almost asleep as well. Only Lexi, and Molly were still awake. The looks they were giving Jax, and Colby made me thankful the bedrooms were sound proof. Chastity passed out as soon as I put her in bed.

I was thankful I had a full week with her though. I hadn’t seen her in two weeks, and I missed her badly. At least I got to fall asleep with her in my arms. I always missed this when she wasn’t by my side. I was looking forward to a whole week of holding my sweet girl. I had the best night of sleep I’d had in two weeks being wrapped around her.

By the time I woke up the next morning she was already awake, and in the shower. Lilac was happily curled up
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Petagay Thompson
awww cute chapter. I wonder when she is going to realize that she loves Rowen too.

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