Chapter 130


I don’t know what got into me last night, but I just couldn’t get enough of Chastity. She hadn’t complained once. I didn’t want to stop when I did, but I could tell she needed sleep more than she needed me to attack her again. I had considered waking her up with my fingers or my tongue between her legs, but decided to let her sleep instead.

Normally I would have gotten out of bed, showered then started some work while she slept longer, but I didn’t want to let go of her. Instead I snuggled her closer to my chest, and breathed in her scent. I felt smug when I caught mine mixed with hers. I smiled when she sighed, and tried to wiggle even closer to me.

I jumped when the alarm on her phone went off. I had no idea she had set one. I chuckled quietly when she grumbled something, and smacked at her nightstand. I leaned up to find her phone, when I found it, I grabbed it to turn off the alarm. When I saw what time it was, I knew I had no choice, but to wake her up. I knew she w
Jess K

I need to apologize for only having 2 chapters this week. It was a weird week for me, and I struggled to write more than that. I'm hoping for better results this week. Thank you for your support, and patience.

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Aretha Collick
Good story so far. Thank you for the updates. Hope there will be more to come and I hope Zeke finds his mate soon.
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Shreeise Mulhall
Dying waiting on the new chapters…!!
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Sunday night here in New Zealand, I’m going to have to set the alarm for 1 hour early to get some reading in before work tomorrow Fingers crossed

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