Chapter 133


I was thankful that I had something to do this afternoon. It was a struggle having so little to do, and not try to demand more of Chastity’s attention. I couldn’t though because she needed to focus on school. I also wished she would be able to come home for the week between her semesters. I knew she wouldn’t be able though. She had too much to do before her last semester started.

“Thanks for your help with this Rowen.” Marcus said as he pulled up another floor board in the living room.

“It’s no problem. Really.” I responded.

“How are you holding up with Chastity being so busy studying?” Marcus asked.

“As well as I can. It’s tough at times.”

“Yes. It is. I thought I was going to lose my mind while Norm was so busy studying, and ignoring me.”

“What did you do to deal with it?”

“A lot of working out, and doing stuff here. Just kept myself as busy as possible. When he wasn’t studying, or sleeping I soaked up every moment I could.”

“I’m trying to do that.
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Petagay Thompson
they have a healthy sex life. can't wait for her to finish school
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Petagay Thompson
getting brave and bolder I see

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