Chapter 7

“I give you my greetings, Lea and also Aiden”

Smiling so gently, she really is a kind person. Aiya suits Elton well. I hope the two of them get along. It is also a good thing that we manage to fix things. I have no reason to make enemies after all.

“It is my pleasure as well, Aiya”

With that, things went the way it should be. That is what I thought.

The place was so nice. Everything is luxurious. I can say that it is not some simple occasion. Greetings here, greetings there, they don’t seem to be having a hard time talking to so many people.

I wonder if Aiden knows each and every one of them. Isn't it so much of a trouble?

Luckily, he didn't force me to remember all of their faces. Which is why I am glad to sit here while waiting for him finish his conversation with some gentlemen.

“Do you like the food here?”

Aiya sat beside me as it seems like she is finished in her route. Maybe it was now time for her to take some rest.

“Yes, they are all nice”

I said as I smile while bei
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